5 Big Mistakes Every Parent Makes When Buying Furniture

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Buying furniture sounds very easy to do. You have to just go to the furniture store and buy what catches your eye.

But there are a lot of mistakes done by most people when they go furniture shopping, especially parents!

The following list is the mistakes done by parents when they buy furniture.


The realization should come first when buying furniture. Some parents buy big furniture without calculating the size of the room first. When you are in the store it’s easy to just imagine and plan where to put your furniture but in actuality, when the furniture arrives it doesn’t fit in the room! So next time when furniture shopping, calculate the size of the room first and remember you don’t need a really big furniture because it might just take up the whole space. One more thing, measure the door frame because the furniture might not fit in the door! Remember that miscalculation will lead to many problems that might result to either selling your furniture or returning it.


Parents did not realize that color scheme is also important. It’s not much of a problem if your wall is white and your furniture is black, or other colors. Some parents would just buy any color without asking for a sample that’s going to match the walls of the room. But choice could lead to a poor overall appearance of the house. The other thing that we can parallel with this behavior is buying on impulse. There are a lot of parents who buy furniture without a plan. One of the worst things that could happen in this scenario is buying impromptu without plans.


People just buy furniture when they like it without thinking what tools do they need to set all those up upon arriving home. There is nothing more annoying than arriving home with a new bed frame / table only to realize you need a screwdriver and don’t have one. It’s important to bear that in mind because buying furniture that needs to be assembled first will consume much of your time. It’s one of the mistakes parents should avoid.


When buying furniture, people tend to be overwhelmed that they forget to check the return policy or other forms and documents. So when there are problems encountered in the furniture, they don’t know what to do or how to return it. For example, you don’t know the amount of time the furniture should stay in your home, so when you decided to return it the store refuses it because it’s passed the month or day indicated in the policy.


Many things contribute to the overall value of a piece of furniture, including the price, durability, style of the piece and other features. Parents tend to choose this furniture because it is expensive and they equate expensiveness to value. It is not always the things! It doesn’t necessarily mean that the more expensive the price the more value it has. Sometimes those simple yet cheap furniture are the ones which last long in your house. Also, others choose beauty over comfort. This type of decision will not ensure that the furniture will provide comfort even if it’s beautiful to look at. At the end, it’s better to choose wisely.

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