6 Reasons Why You Should Love Pine Furniture

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pine furniture

Pine furniture is always popular.

For the last 50 years through every interior design trend (good and bad!) it has always been a feature in Australian homes.

And right now is no exception!

In the last 12 months we have seen a huge rise in inquires about pine furniture thanks to the popularity of online style blogs and interior design accounts on Instagram

If you’re thinking about purchasing pine furniture or wondering how it can fit into your home we have lots of advice available (you can check out our blog here)

But right now…

Here are 6 reasons why you should love it.


#1. Affordability


Let’s face facts furniture is expensive but there is no reason for you to have to shell out more than you need to.

Pine is the most affordable quality wood furniture you can buy and due to it’s popularity it is also really easy to find a style you like.

For people who want to save money but not cut out style, pine furniture is the perfect happy medium.

It’s much better quality than cheap particle board and flat pack furniture but not anywhere near as expensive as classic hardwoods like oak.

An added bonus of course is that pine usually holds some value. Meaning it is always easy to sell on too…

pine furniture
Raw pine is great for styling yourself. Click here to see this product.

#2. It’s Easy To Style


Most pine furniture is simple and easy to style.

Very few pine pieces are elaborately carved or embellished meaning you have your own blank canvas to work with.

If you have artistic talents pine furniture is very easy to completely transform to create stand out pieces for your home.

Or if you’re not as confident with your art skills it’s still a great choice as it’s the easiest wood to paint, stain or varnish by yourself.

In particular the ‘shabby chic’ style is really easy to achieve with pine furniture as the wood already has that unique rustic look.

#3. Long lasting


If your pine is looked after and treated properly it can last a lifetime.

Don’t believe this?

Take a look at the furniture in older relatives homes! We can guarantee that every family has at least one piece of 1970’s pine floating around…

pine furniture
Sets or suites of furniture make shopping easy!
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#4. Versatile


Pine is very easy to live with as most pieces are usually very practical items of furniture.

Investing in classic pieces is a great idea if you are not sure what your future plans are or if you are just starting out in a home.

Something like a quality chest of drawers can be used in a variety of ways in different rooms around your home and adapted as you need it.

#5. Tough


Pine furniture is great for families as although it is classed as a soft wood it’s still very tough.

If you scratch the surface it doesn’t cause too much harm as part of pine furniture’s charm is that the knots and grains are visible.

If you are buying furniture for children pine is a good choice as it’s sturdy and robust.

Pine bedroom furniture is a great family investment as it can withstand a lot of moving around and wear and tear.

#6. Low maintenance


Pine furniture requires very little maintenance which makes it a great choice if you have a busy life.

You don’t need to wash pine more than once a year and all it takes to keep it looking great is the occasional wipe down.

If you want to keep the finish looking new all you need is to occasionally polish with orange oil which is very cheap and very easy to find in hardware shops.


Obviously there are a million more benefits to pine furniture and as your home is so individual to you we’re sure you have your own personal lists or pros and cons.

The most important thing to factor in when buying any furniture is to pick pieces you like.

You’ll have to live with it for a long time, so it’s important you pick the right pieces.


Let us know why you love pine in the comments below…

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