Using Furniture To Make Tidying Up With Kids Fun And Fast

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You can teach your kids to be responsible adults early by getting them to help tidy up the house.

But since they’re kids, you don’t have to pressure them into doing the hard part.

In fact, you can make this experience fun and creative for both of you.

First, you need some music to jam with for this activity.

Plug in some Uptown Funk by Bruno Mars and you and your kids won’t even notice the time flying by fast as you clean up the place using furniture.

Tidying up doesn’t have to always be a boring chore for kids. Good storage furniture makes it easier.

Here are some fun ways that you could involve your children in helping you tidy up the place with some of the furniture that you have at home:

1. Make your kids think or come up with an idea or theme that they want in a certain room.

Once that is done, you could go with it and help to rearrange the place with the motif that they came up with.

For example is that if they want their room to have a princess theme, you could place a good chair inside it that would look like a throne fit for a princess.

Then you could ask help from your child to decorate it however she wants.

You could put a canopy on top of it and some foot cushions.

Anything that doesn’t fit the theme you child will be only too happy to put away since you’ve given them creative freedom.


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2. Assign points to clothes drawers…

Assign points to clothing drawers so that each time your kids put away a piece of folded laundry they get a point.

Once they reach a certain amount of points they receive a reward.

You could even assign points to clothing that needs to be hung up.

By recording how many points they have to go before they get their reward you’ll find they’ll be asking for things to do so they can get more points!

3. Get some storage items or toy chests where you could play basketball.

basketball hoop
Get a stick on basketball hoop to hang over toy chests.

Ask them to shoot their toys in it but not in a cleaning up gesture, make them look like they are just playing hoops.

Give them a certain distant from the storage or toy chest and ask them to shoot their toys inside it. The more toys they shoot and the faster they do it results in them getting a reward.

This way, they’ll be excited to always clean up after they’re done playing with their toys.

Tidying up the place doesn’t have to be a boring chore. It could always be fun, especially around children.

You just have to be a little creative so your kids would have a fun experience and even be motivated in helping you cleaning up the place.

We hope that these tips have inspired you today!


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5 Interior Design Tips From The Pros To Make Your Home Look New…

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interior design tips

If you are on a tight budget and you are thinking of making your home look new, you have come to the right page because we have just the right tips that you need today.

These tips are from different professional interior designers who might charge you a lot if you would hire them.

The truth is, you don’t really need to spend so much just to create that new ambience in your home.

All you need is just a little bit of research and to simply be resourceful.

You will also need these tips, so you better bookmark this page for future references.


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Soft Colours Are Your Best Friend: 

This tip works well with small spaces because soft and light colours would easily create the illusion that the room is big.

Never use dark colours if your space is small because it would only make your place look smaller.

Plus, soft colours always look fresh in the eyes, so it does give another optical illusion of you being in a new place.


Mirrors are a great way to open up a narrow space.

This one word and material could mean so much if you want to give your spot a new vibe.

They also work best if you want to make any room look big.

If you have a small living room, put some mirrors to not only create an illusion of space in the area but to also give it more character and depth.

Experts would also tell you to place some mirrors where right across your windows, as that, would result in giving the room some extra light that would once again make it look wider.

Have Fun Mixing And Matching Stuff:

If you are too afraid to mix and match some patterns and designs, don’t be.

You would be surprised at the many creative and cool things that you could come up with if you simply mix some patterns, shapes and other things that would put more character in your space.

You could also mix some of your old things with the new materials that you would like to add in your home.

Don’t hesitate to mix your old furniture to some of the new ones that you are planning to buy in IKEA.

You don’t always have to follow a certain theme.

Be brave enough to go out of the box and just go with your creative flow.

Make Use Of Baskets:

Baskets look great and a useful for storing stuff out of the way.

Instead of large boxes and other plastic canisters, baskets are great to create a new ambience.

Its natural look contributes to that fact and it also gives your space more character.

You could put everything that you need in a basket and still make it look cool.

From magazines to towels, you could store anything you like in wicker baskets.

You would also love the fact that they are more affordable than other materials.

Put Your Soul Into Decorating It:

This may sound cheesy or corny but if you put your heart and soul into rearranging your home, you would notice that you would see the result that you are longing for.

Your passion for decorating your home would easily reflect the ambience that you would create as you finish it.

Share these ideas now to your loved ones, so they too would be able to create a new look in their home.


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4 Rookie Mistakes To Avoid When Furniture Shopping With Kids…

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Shopping for furniture is not exactly an easy task, it can be a nightmare when dragging your kids around the store.

Of course it depends on their age, but if you one day decide to take out your toddler, then you’re in for a big surprise when you come home because you can be sure you’ve come home with stuff you didn’t need or want.

Kids can be a handful when you take them shopping with you.

But if you really don’t have a choice but to take them with you, then prepare to avoid these usual mistakes that people make when they shop for furniture with their children.

You are not alone on this one either, but the good news is that mistakes can be avoided.

Here are the four rookie mistakes to avoid when furniture shopping with kids:

1. Going Over Budget:

This is among the common mistakes people make.

Since you are distracted with your child roaming around the furniture store, you sometimes find no choice but to hurry up and buy whatever it is that the salesperson offers you.

This means that even if it is out of your budget, you are likely to just agree with it just so you can get over the whole deal and take the furniture home. (Especially if you’re a dad!)

This is really bad, especially for those who are already tight in money.


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2. Wrong Furniture Size:

This is a nightmare for some (and it has happened!) It’s frustrating getting home and realizing that your furniture doesn’t even fit inside your door.

A lot of people have made this mistake buying furniture, forgetting about the exact size that they need in their space.

They tend to buy pieces that are way too big for their room.

This is expected when you are too preoccupied in taking care of your child while in the shop that you can’t pay attention to the task that you’re supposed to accomplish.

It’s easy and normal to become distracted so remember to stay focused and remember the simple things about the piece of furniture you’re after…

3. Longevity and Durability:

When you have a child with you furniture shopping, you want to make sure you get something that will last…

It’s easy for your kids to get caught up with fancy looking mdf cutouts that are painted pretty colours. But these tend to fall apart at the first sign of spilt milk.

Durability is important.

If you skip on this part, then don’t be surprised to pay more in the future because you didn’t get something durable enough.


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4. No Time For Comparison:

Since you are with your kid, you won’t have time to broaden your options or to compare other prices.

Even if you have time, you are most likely to take what it is there immediately in front of you.

It’s a nightmare trying to make comparisons around the store when your adorable little one is screaming “I’m bored! I wanna go home!”…

Now that you are aware of these four mistakes that a lot of people do when buying furniture with their kids, you can now avoid them and make yourself focus on the task.

What you really need sometimes is a little reminder.

Furniture shopping can be fun with the kids.

Get them involved and pack them a little juice box and things to snack on. Some books might go well for when they get bored so you don’t have to fork over the iPhone.

Little preparedness tips like this can save tantrums and a nightmarish shopping experience.

Have any other tips?

Let us know in the comments below 🙂

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3 Signs Your Kid Needs Pine Furniture

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Parents only want what is best for their kids and this includes the furniture they have in their bedroom.

Switching to using pine furniture this time would do you a lot of favor because it has a lot of advantages, from its aesthetics to its price.

There are many misconceptions about purchasing pine furniture, as one of them has to do with how much it costs.

You would be surprised on how much you would pay less if you choose this kind of furniture over other materials.

The question here is; how would you know that it is time to change your usual furniture material to pine, especially when you are dealing with your child’s space.

Here are three signs that your kid needs pine furniture:


1. The Number Of Times You Are Changing or Buying Furniture:


If you recently found yourself buying new furniture more often than the usual (maybe more than twice in a year), it is time to think about switching to pine materials.

They are known to be durable. This would be handy for your growing children, especially if they tend to roam around the room a lot and cause stuff to break. You don’t want to be buying new furniture every time they damage it.

Pines are sturdy and could last for years, which is why they are your best bet when this is the case.


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2. If You See Your Bank Account Or Savings Almost Going Down The Drain:


Okay, this might sound a little dramatic, but it is also the consequence of you buying new furniture every time your child damages it.

Whether you like it or not, if you keep buying new furniture, your pocket will soon be empty.

The minute you notice that you are spending more now than the usual for furniture, it is about time to make that switch before you go completely broke.


3. Design Issues:


Parents who are particular on the look of their space won’t have a problem if they would choose to buy pine furniture this time.

If the non-pine materials seem to bother your taste and eyes for interior design, then pine products would for you because they are very neutral.

We’re talking about its colors that could easily blend to pretty much anything there is in the room.

If you see that your current furniture is already hurting your eye, then it is probably time to buy some pine materials (pun not intended).

These three things are your guide to switching to buying pine furniture for your kid’s space.

You won’t regret it and you would benefit from it a lot, especially if you are on a tight budget.

Share this information with your loved ones, so they too could reap the many advantages that this material has in store for them.

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3 ways to get your old wooden furniture looking like new

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A well-made piece of furniture can last for generations upon generations, however, unless that furniture is well maintained and also lucky enough to avoid the wear and tear of life’s mishaps, an old piece of wooden furniture can end up looking like something you’d find in a landfill.

Thankfully, there are ways to restore old wooden furniture without having to go overboard with power tools, sanders and overly potent wood finishes and polishes.

With just a few simple tricks, you can take that old wooden cabinet or desk and make it look like the day it was finished.

old wooden furniture looking like new
You can see how nicely an old piece of furniture can be restored to it’s former glory.


1. Walnuts

One lesser known trick to removing knicks and dings from wooden furniture is to crack open a walnut and rub the meat of the nut over affected areas of the furniture.

Surprisingly, this actually helps cover up and make invisible scuffs in wooden furniture.

2. Sandwich Ingredients

I titled this section “sandwich ingredients,” because you can use household items which you would commonly find on a sandwich to help restore old furniture.

The first example of this is mayonnaise. You can actually use mayonnaise to remove blemishes in wood furniture that is caused by setting down a cup of coffee or liquid without a coaster.

Those annoying rings that you always see on wood furniture are caused by excess moisture from beverages being absorbed into the wood.

You can remove those rings by slathering some plain old’ mayonnaise over it, letting it sit for an hour or so and then wiping it off.

Another sandwich solution for old furniture is using a mixture of oil and white vinegar. Using a 3:1 ratio of olive oil to vinegar, you can apply the mixture to dry spots of the furniture with a cheesecloth to help restore it back to new.

3. Elbow grease


get your old wooden furniture looking like new
A little elbow grease and the right tools can do wonders.

The third idea is probably the most obvious one but is certainly worth mentioning.

Sometimes all it takes to restore a piece if furniture is a good thorough cleaning with the right wood cleaning product.

It seems as basic as it gets, but is probably the first solution to turn to before resorting to anything else.

Some might be amazed at how an old beat up piece of wooden furniture was just covered in dirt or blemishes that actually turn invisible once the dust is wiped clean.

Of course, it’s always nice to be able to restore an old piece of furniture for little to no money, especially if that furniture holds sentimental value or is a family heirloom.

In other cases, though, the problem is beyond little fix-it tips and how-to articles.

Sometimes, a piece of furniture is just too far gone to fully restore, or it’s time to simply motion for change in your environment.

In that instance, it can be best and most practical to simply find a store or designer who makes furniture to your liking and spend an investment on furnishing your house with style and elegance.
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3 Signs Your Wooden Furniture Contains Termites

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Termites are nasty little creatures that could infest your home and slowly tear it down to pieces. You might think this is an exaggeration, but you would be surprised to see that it is not impossible to happen.

It is one of their gifts to move into your home subtly and the next thing you know; you would start seeing parts of your house breaking down.

Termites usually begin their move by nestling in your wooden furniture. You don’t want this to happen because this is the start of them ruling your entire house!

But how would you know that your wooden furniture indeed has termites in them? Well, fret no more because here are three signs that your wooden furniture is probably infested with termites.

  1. Look For The Wings:
    termite wings in furniture
    Look for termite wings

    Termites have wings and most of the time, you will find them discarded near the place they are starting to inhabit. You would often see their wings once they fly out of the furniture, as they try to go out to build a new colony.An interesting fact about what they do with their wings is that they twist them off as soon as they make a landing knowing they will never use it again.So, if you find some tiny wings around your furniture or even near your house, you know for sure that they are infesting the area.

    How to tell if it is a termite’s wings?  You will recognize their wings by noticing that they are even unlike the ones with ants. If you look at ants’ wings, you will see that their front wing is larger than their rear wing. Hope that helps as your clue.


  1. Signs Of Mud Tubes:
    Termite mud tubes in furniture
    Watch for mud tubes around the house

    If you find some mud tubes that are as big as a pencil, then that is another sign that your wooden furniture might be infested with termites.If they find your place perfect for their body temperature, the chances of them living in it is huge.But even if your house or your furniture has a temperature that doesn’t work well with them, their mud tubes would help even out the humidity and the dry air that would make them survive.

    If you see these mud tubes anywhere near your wooden furniture, then you know that not only is your furniture infested, but your entire home could be as well.


  1. Damaged Wood:
    Damaged furniture by termites
    Damaged Furniture:
    Urgent action required

    This is the last sign and the most common of all to know if you have termites on your wooden furniture. If you see your material looking like it is slowly falling apart, then you know that it is feeding those nasty termites.

The moment you see these three signs; you need to immediately call a professional exterminate these pests.

Termites are no laughing matter. They could destroy your whole house and they could even affect the health and wellness of your entire family. Not only that, the longer they stay in your house, the larger the money it would take from you to get rid of them. So, act now!


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Here’s What Happens When You Let Pets On Your Couch…

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dog on couch

Maybe you put forward a house rule, “no pets on the couch,” but the rascals just don’t listen.

Maybe they wait for the moment your back is turned, then make themselves at home on your furniture.

Maybe you tried to be hard on the matter, but the little guys are just so cute that you broke down and invited them up to hang out.

However it may have happened, there is now another issue at hand: your couch looks, smells and is as though your pets have been all over it.


Symptoms Of A Pet-Ridden Couch…


There are real reasons why letting dogs, cats or other creatures on your furniture is a bad idea.

For one, shedding animals will leave tons of hair which stick to your clothes and is almost impossible to get rid of entirely.

You’ll start finding random pet hair in the most awkward of places, and no matter how hard you try to clean it up, as soon as you sit back down on your couch, it’s right back all over your clothes once more.

Another symptom of a pet invaded couch is the obvious smell that they leave.

Our furry friends are a sight for sore eyes, but unfortunately, they don’t please the nose quite as much.

In really bad cases, your pet can even leave your expensive sofa crawling with parasites, like ticks or fleas!

Unless you keep constant and rigorous maintenance on your animals cleanliness (Which you probably do but just incase you don’t!), these problems can pop up after even just one time of having your pets on your couch.

Yes, clearly these are issues that must be either avoided entirely or dealt with quickly.

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What To Do…


Never fear, for there are ways to undo this turn of unfortunate events so that your couch is like new, and even has it’s own defenses and deterrents to keep Fido from coming back.

For getting the hair off of the couch and clothes, a roll of packing tape can be employed.

Make a ring of tape by cutting a section of tape and folding it back, sticking the sticky side to the non-sticky side on the opposite end of the strip with the sticky side of the tape facing out.

You can then roll this contraption over the affected area.

The sticky side of the tape will do a decent job of picking up the hair from fabrics.

A good vacuum cleaner and plenty of tape should help keep the hair at a minimum.

Fleas can be a bit challenging, but very doable.

A good first step is to purchase some of the products that are available specifically for dealing with this problem, such as flea powders and sprays.

Next, you’ll want to vacuum the affected area regularly until the problem subsides.

Finally, there are tons of products out there to help with the smell that animals will leave on furniture.

One such solution that you can make at home is a mixture of water, hydrogen peroxide, and baking soda.

This mixture is great for removing stains and odors.

Finally, top it off with something that will keep animals off the couch, such as leaving a perimeter of hot pepper, or sour apple scented sprays.

The easiest way to deal with these problems is to prevent them in the future, so that last step is a must.

It’s always tempting to invite your furry friends up on the couch to visit and do people things, but remember that for every cause there is an effect, and in this case that effect is possibly a couch that smells, is covered in hair and is generally not pleasant to sit on.

Hopefully, this has helped you to get a handle on things and keep it from becoming a regular occurrence.


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Don’t Make These Three Mistakes If You’re Shopping For Furniture

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Furniture shopping is a lot of fun.

But don’t get too focused on the fun part because you might end up not buying the right piece for your house.

Oftentimes, some people impulsively buy furniture and are not aware of the future negative effects that it could do to both their home and their pockets.

Now that online shopping has become a trend, more and more people are resorting to buying new and even used furniture over the Internet.

There is nothing wrong with and it is probably even better since once does not need to go through the trouble of going to the store if they are really too busy to do it.

But it doesn’t matter whether you are trying to buy furniture online or in a physical store, you still need some guidance in doing it so you won’t end up feeling ripped off.

Make sure that you know these three mistakes that most people make when shopping for furniture.

Don’t be part of the statistics.

Skipping On Reviews:

Check out reviews of the store or furniture online.

It doesn’t matter if you want to buy your furniture at Ikea or at a locally run store, reading up on reviews is a must.

By reviews, it doesn’t necessarily mean online forums.

But you can even do it through word of mouth.

Ask around from people you know their thoughts about a particular brand of furniture you are eyeing on.

Reviews are helpful because these help you be open to more options.


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Not Researching The Materials:

You can’t just really go to a furniture store and buy the next cute thing you see in there without knowing what it is made of.
Doing that would jeopardize the whole feel and design of your space.

For example, if your apartment is made of glass and you are having a minimalist theme, buying a table that is made of wood could ruin your house’s ambiance.

Not knowing the right materials could also jeopardize their durability.

Not Having A Theme:

If you have not established a theme in your home, it would be a disaster to just buy furniture impulsively.

Rooms should have a clear theme.

Your house might just look like a pile of junk when you do it this way.

Make sure that you have at least a theme in mind before going to the store to purchase anything that you think would fit in your place.

A theme for your house would make it easier for you to pick the right materials because you now have a guide or a pattern to follow.

These are three common don’ts that people do before they buy furniture.

Learn from these mistakes and you can be sure that your house will look good and is a pleasant place to reside in.

Pine For Parents: 3 Reasons Why Parents Should Get Pine Furniture

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As parents, every decision you make has to not only benefit you but your kids and your whole family as well.

This includes the furniture that you need to purchase for your home.

Pine forest
Pine furniture is a beautiful natural product and a great alternative for your family home.

Among the furniture out there, pine would have to be the best material, be it for your living room or your bedroom.

There are many reasons why you should purchase pine for your next furniture, but today we have narrowed it down to three.

If you are aiming for something that could last for a long time without having to jeopardize design, then this material is your best bet.

We’ve got the details of how awesome pine is as you read below.

You don’t want to compromise quality more than anything else if you are buying home furniture.

In fact, that should be your priority.

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Here are the top 3 reasons why parents should choose pine for furniture:


Pine furniture longevity
Sturdy long lasting pine furniture.

One of the benefits of owning a pine furniture is its durability.

You can count on it lasting for a long time.

This will save you more money from buying new furniture.

Pine furniture are highly notable for being excellent in quality.

This is even perfect for a child’s crib because you can be assured that it can hold your baby in there without falling apart.

You can count on it being sturdy and getting your money’s worth for it.


You can’t really put a price on quality these days.

If you buy something cheap, you can expect that the quality would be compromised.

With pine furniture, you can be sure that your money won’t go to waste and that you won’t regret buying it because you are really paying for its quality.

With that being said it the most economically viable option for parents who want sturdy furniture.


Pine furniture appearaince
Pine furniture looks great in most rooms of the house

Needless to say, any pine furniture is very appealing to the eyes.

Pieces are designed to bring out the beauty of a room.

It’s perfect for those who are particular when it comes to the interior of their home.

Pine has a natural color that is soothing to the eyes.

Another thing about pine is that it smells amazing.

You have an instant air freshener if you own any pine furniture. Not only is it pleasing to the eyes, but also to your nose.

From its aesthetics to its durability and cost; there is no way you could say no to buying pine for your next piece of furniture.

You can get the best deal online where pretty much everything can be bought these days.

You can ask any professional interior designer out there and they could guarantee you that pine woods are the best when it comes to upgrading the quality of your furniture at home.


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5 Feng Shui Decorating Tips For Your Living Room

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What is feng shui?

Feng shui is an ancient Chinese art that deals with the movement and flow of energy in the homes of people.

The philosophy is that one must properly arrange the furniture and décor of one’s space in order to be conducive to the flow of energy or “chi,” so as to promote health, well-being, and prosperity.

While many are skeptics to the importance of feng shui, it is very unlikely that an art form has lasted for thousands of years with practitioners who consider it of extreme importance if there were nothing at all to it.

Feng shui can help you with your own interior décor choices to create a home environment that is functional, practical, beautiful and with the kind of energy that everyone would want in their home.

Feng shui may seem mysterious in its ways, but like anything else, a little knowledge is all it takes to get started. So, without further ado, here are five feng shui tips to help you make an energetically conducive living room.

1) Avoid Clutter

Don’t let any rooms become cluttered.

This one seems to be common sense, but it is the foundation of feng shui essentials.

Too many things in one place are not only an eyesore but restricts the flow of energy.

Old unmaintained or forgotten possessions are said to actually hold onto energy from previous times, and, if not placed in such a way that energy can flow freely, that energy can stagnate and become a burden.

This can be felt physically, as everyone is familiar with the difference of what it feels like to be in a clean, simple place versus a cluttered mess with old dusty antiques.

Take care to regularly rid of old junk and don’t be a “rat.”

2) Balance

In this context, balance refers to the color scheme that you choose.

A color scheme has its dominant color, which sort of becomes the central color theme of the room, however, it is not a good idea to choose only one color while avoiding all others.

For example, if you are using a warm color scheme, a few points of accent with cool colors that provide contrast will help to keep the energetic presence of the room clean with respect to polarity.

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3) Light

Mirrors are great to reflect natural light.

Lighting is an important factor in the look and feel of any room.

In feng shui, it is said to be important to have plenty of natural light.

For this reason, you may want to consider large windows or sliding glass doors in your living room to allow plenty of the sunshine in and a well lit central area.

Strategically placed mirrors also help to reflect light and brighten up a room.

4) Placement Of Major Objects

The concept of chi in feng shui deals with the universal energy which flows through the world.

Chi is said to be similar to water in its essence.

If you think of how water flows, and also how in order for water to be beneficial, it must move gently without flooding, becoming trapped or stagnate or leaking and draining away.

Taking care to place furniture and objects in such a way that does not create trapped pockets is important.

Arranging things that will slow down the chi from escaping through large open windows or doors is also an idea to consider.

It all falls back onto the balance theme of allowing chi to move without becoming trapped, but not letting it run with no restriction either.

It is something like building a dam in a river to catch fish and harness drinking water without cutting off the natural life force or upsetting the ecosystem of the stream.

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5) The Bagua

The bagua is map of how to arrange your home based on what you want to achieve.

The Bagua is a concept in feng shui which is something like a map of how to organize and arrange your home.

It is represented as a wheel with the elements of nature each occupying their own portion of the wheel.

This is where feng shui becomes a bit more in depth and involved, but for anyone who is truly interested in the secrets that Fung Shui has to offer, learning about and understanding the principles of the Bagua to decorate your living room is essential.

There’s plenty more to be said on this topic, however, these were just a few tips to wet your appetite for knowledge.

For the truly interested, there is plenty of knowledge out there in the field of feng shui and experts who can be hired for a professional’s opinion. Namaste!