3 Amazing Bedroom Setups Your Kids Will Love…

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The great Albert Einstein once said that imagination was more important than knowledge. When one of the smartest minds to ever live says something like that, many would think it a good idea to listen.

Where better to begin fostering a child’s imagination than in their bedroom!

These days kids have so many options when it comes to their bedroom furniture.

Bunk beds and racing car beds are so exciting for kids.

By creating an imaginative bedroom with a creative study space, parents are able to create an environment that nurtures young minds.

Check out these three amazing bedroom setups for kids:

#3: Flying Pirate Ship Bed:



First of the bedroom setups your kids will love
Ahoy there!


These people really went all out on this one! This kids life must be his very own “pirates and cowboys in space with magic powers” adventure on a daily basis! If a kids bedroom is so cool that even an adult feels the urge to run up the bridge and set sail, then that kid must be floating through clouds in the sky – almost LITERALLY!


#2) Super Mario Bros Super Room!


Second of the bedroom setups your kids will love
Super Mario Bros!


Well, in this instance we have to wonder if this room is for a kid or an adult? Those of us who grew up in the nineties would take one look at this room and become kids again themselves. What kid from that generation hasn’t dreamed of a Mario bros. bedroom complete with golden question marked boxes suspended in mid-air with crazy random pipes that could lead to alternate dimensions burrowed through the floor boards? While it’s unclear if Mario is still a craze amongst the current generation of youths, this room took the spot for number two just for making us grown ups relive our childhood for a moment.


#1) Paint Your Own Adventure.


Third of the bedroom setups your kids will love
This one is crazy!


It was a tough choice towards the end of it, but this room won the spot of number one on this list. It wasn’t for crazy designs or loyalty to a theme, but for the principle in which it demonstrates. This room inspires the imagination a whole other way that is challenging to a child and pushes them to into being the innovator and designer of their own dreams.

It would probably give an adult a headache but when filled with nice clean furniture this room would look amazing. Good on these parents, as in this picture, we may just be looking at the world’s next Franz Liszt on their budding stage.

If you were to design a room with no limits, what would you design?

Are Your Kids Old Enough For Bunk Beds?

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One of the most common bed requests we get is bunk beds for kids. Kids absolutely love the idea of bunk beds in their room especially if they have to share with a sibling.

Bunks give your kids double the bed space in half the room so it’s a great option for both kids and parents alike.

But there are a few considerations to take into account before committing to a set of bunks for your kids…

While bunk beds are fun, they also have some risk. If children are too young they risk falling from the top. For that reason, it is important to secure the side guardrails on both sides of the upper bunk. And let older siblings with better sleeping patterns sleep up the top.

It is not advised to let kids below 6 years old to stay in the upper bunk. The ladder should also be safe for children and you should teach them how to use the ladder safely or even discourage them from playing on the ladder to prevent accidents.

In case you’re thinking about purchasing a bunk bed for your kid, think about the following:

Is Your Child Old Enough For A Bunk Bed?

1. Make your own judgment. Is your child really prepared for a bunk bed? For preschoolers or toddlers, shifting their sleeping place from crib to bed is really challenging.

2. When you’re buying a bunk bed, make sure to ask the staff in the shop whether the bed possesses all the required safety features.

3. Measure the dimensions of the set you are looking at to make sure it fits in the bedroom…

4. Remember you’ve got options. Some bunk beds have sizes ranging from toddler’s sizes to the maximum size. Beds come in different styles and shapes. Some beds are shaped like cars and some are modern or have an antique look. Think about what they’ll want in a year or two not just now.

5. Good bunk beds usually have higher prices. Bed models that are more fancy and elaborate are worth $300 to $1,500. That is only for the frame. Some beds have a mattress in but if not make sure the mattresses you get will fit.

6. Measure your mattress. A quality mattress should fit perfectly in the bunk. Examine the slats on the lower bunk. Slats hold and support the mattress and also make sure that they are screwed well into the bed frame.

7. Secure guard rails. These would give kids security from falling especially while sleeping. Check how sturdy the guard rails are.

8. To prevent smaller kids from being trapped or slipping through the spaces between the bed frame and guard rails, make sure that the space is at most 3 and a half inches.

9. Ensure that the corners and edges of the bunk beds are smooth.

Buying bunk beds for your kids is a super exciting time for them. Get them involved in the process. They’ll appreciate it so much more.

5 Mistakes To Avoid When Buying Bunk Beds

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bunk beds

Bunk beds are a great idea. They provide a personal place for kids sharing or more space for kids stuck in small rooms.

Picking the right bunk bed for your kids can be tricky. There are so many different options available.

Here are the top 5 mistakes to avoid when buying bunk beds for kids.


#1. Buying cheap


Kids furniture needs to be tough. We all know how rough kids can be and how easily accidents happen. Cheap flat packed furniture is never as sturdy as solid wood furniture.

Is it worth saving dollars on furniture that won’t last long and look scruffy?

Rather than buying a budget bunk bed look for reputable shops that have offers or sales. A great tip for furniture buying is to look for packages. Package deals are a lot cheaper than buying items individually.

#2. Thinking in the present


bunk beds
For older kids think about buying modern styles. (click here to view this bed)

Always think about the future.

Remember that kids outgrow things quickly.

Look for bunk beds you can accessorize and change as kids age rather than ones that appeal to the age they currently are.

Avoid buying furniture linked to popular TV shows or movies, these go out of fashion quickly.

Bunk beds that can be adapted are a great idea. Look for styles that change as kids age and have multiple set up options. Bunk beds that can be separated into two singles are always useful.

#3. Not considering quality


Kids need a good bed for a good nights sleep.

Make sure you get good quality mattresses and bed frames which provide proper support. Sleeping on a bad bed can cause damage to growing kids’ backs.

Think about safety too.

Make sure the upper bunk is capable of holding the right amount of weight and that the frame doesn’t strain. Look for bunk beds with strong and secure ladders that kids can’t slip on.

A good tip is to test the beds yourself. If you’re not happy with the quality, your kids won’t be either.

#4. Not taking the kids to the shop


bunk beds
Grab a family lunch to de-stress after furniture shopping.

Shopping with kids can be a nightmare but you need their input.

Make bed shopping a fun family day out. Take a favourite toy to help ‘test’ the beds or maybe stop for lunch.

Make sure the beds are the right height, ladders are easy to climb and mattresses are the right comfort level. Your kids will be the ones using them, make sure they are happy.

Furniture shops don’t mind you trying before you buy. Let your kids test the beds for comfort. Remember to try out different options and shop around before you buy.

Nobody wants to sleep in an uncomfortable bed!

#5. Not asking the experts


Furniture sales employees are always happy to help and have lots of advice for their customers. Take advantage of their knowledge. They will have helped other parents and will know the best selling styles available.

If your kids have specific needs or you want something different ask in store. Good furniture stores always have lots of options available.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions, even if you think they are stupid.

When buying any furniture for kids always make practical choices. Make sure your kids are comfortable and safe. Always buy furniture from a reputable shop and invest in quality.

And always remember not to stress about kid’s furniture. Kid’s bedrooms are meant to be fun. You don’t have to spend a fortune or worry too much about style.

What mistakes have you made buying furniture? Let us know your experiences in the comments below…

10 Tips For Choosing The Perfect New Bed

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perfect bed

Studies show 8 hours sleep a night improves mental and physical health.

Sleep is very important…

Choosing the right new bed is the best step towards getting those vital 8 hours.

Here are our top 10 tips for choosing the perfect new bed…


#1. Get Some Inspiration.


Before you step into a store do some research online or in magazines to see what you want. It’s confusing to go shopping without knowing what you’re looking for.

Check out interior design blogs or online catalogues before you head out…


new bed
Beds with storage are great for small rooms

#2. Size Matters.


You may dream of a four poster Super-King sized bed but it may not be the best fit for your lifestyle or home. Chose your bed size based on the size of your room and your own needs. Don’t just pick what looks good in a showroom.

Remember that the perfect bed should always be a practical purchase.


#3. Pick The Right Mattress.


You spend a third of your time lying on it so a good mattress is a must.

Test mattresses properly in the store by laying down for a couple of minutes and moving around. A good tip is to wear loose fitting clothing so you’ll feel comfortable.

If you have back problems or specific needs outline these to the sales representative. Furniture retail employees are highly trained to help with your enquiries.


#4. Pick The Right Frame.


A good frame is just as important as a good mattress. Look for bed frames that have a strong base and a lot of support.

Solid timber frames with sturdy struts are the best option.


#5. Find Your Style.


You’ll be seeing your bed a lot so you better love it!

Pick a frame you like and that will suit your home.

Try to pick something classic rather than something that is fashionable at the time. Good quality furniture never goes out of style.


#6. Choose a professional retailer.


Never purchase items from people you do not trust.

Go to an established and recommend retailer to receive the best care and service. You may pay more in a good store but it is worth it in the long run.


#7. Don’t scrimp on quality.


The golden rule when buying any furniture is ‘you get what you pay for’.

Cheap furniture simply doesn’t last.

To save money look out for furniture sales or special offers. A good tip is to find a store that manufactures in Australia to save on shipping costs.


new bed 2
Matching bedroom suites create a clean and organised look

#8. Consider other bedroom furniture.


Don’t let your existing bedroom suite let down your perfect new bed!

A new bed provides a new focal point for the room. Unfortunately this may make other furniture look tired in comparison or out of place.

You could try to refresh old scruffy furniture or consider purchasing a new bedroom suite. Most quality retailers will offer bedroom suite packages which takes the hard work out of it for you.


#9. Get Your Room Is Ready


Buying a new bed is a great way of refreshing a room.

Use this as a chance to refresh your bedroom décor and try out a new look. If you can’t budget in a redecoration, think about giving your bedroom a spring clean and rearranging the layout.


#10. Pick the right linen.


Linen is the final touch to the perfect new bed. Make sure to choose good quality linen that matches your style. Don’t be afraid to use bold colours or statement prints.

Soft furnishings are a great way of expressing your personal style.

Remember a good bed means a good nights sleep. Take your time picking your perfect new bed and don’t be afraid to ask in stores for advice. A new bed is a very personal purchase, make sure it’s perfect!

How did you pick your bed? Let us know your top tips in the comments below…