4 Rookie Mistakes To Avoid When Furniture Shopping With Kids…

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Shopping for furniture is not exactly an easy task, it can be a nightmare when dragging your kids around the store.

Of course it depends on their age, but if you one day decide to take out your toddler, then you’re in for a big surprise when you come home because you can be sure you’ve come home with stuff you didn’t need or want.

Kids can be a handful when you take them shopping with you.

But if you really don’t have a choice but to take them with you, then prepare to avoid these usual mistakes that people make when they shop for furniture with their children.

You are not alone on this one either, but the good news is that mistakes can be avoided.

Here are the four rookie mistakes to avoid when furniture shopping with kids:

1. Going Over Budget:

This is among the common mistakes people make.

Since you are distracted with your child roaming around the furniture store, you sometimes find no choice but to hurry up and buy whatever it is that the salesperson offers you.

This means that even if it is out of your budget, you are likely to just agree with it just so you can get over the whole deal and take the furniture home. (Especially if you’re a dad!)

This is really bad, especially for those who are already tight in money.


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2. Wrong Furniture Size:

This is a nightmare for some (and it has happened!) It’s frustrating getting home and realizing that your furniture doesn’t even fit inside your door.

A lot of people have made this mistake buying furniture, forgetting about the exact size that they need in their space.

They tend to buy pieces that are way too big for their room.

This is expected when you are too preoccupied in taking care of your child while in the shop that you can’t pay attention to the task that you’re supposed to accomplish.

It’s easy and normal to become distracted so remember to stay focused and remember the simple things about the piece of furniture you’re after…

3. Longevity and Durability:

When you have a child with you furniture shopping, you want to make sure you get something that will last…

It’s easy for your kids to get caught up with fancy looking mdf cutouts that are painted pretty colours. But these tend to fall apart at the first sign of spilt milk.

Durability is important.

If you skip on this part, then don’t be surprised to pay more in the future because you didn’t get something durable enough.


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4. No Time For Comparison:

Since you are with your kid, you won’t have time to broaden your options or to compare other prices.

Even if you have time, you are most likely to take what it is there immediately in front of you.

It’s a nightmare trying to make comparisons around the store when your adorable little one is screaming “I’m bored! I wanna go home!”…

Now that you are aware of these four mistakes that a lot of people do when buying furniture with their kids, you can now avoid them and make yourself focus on the task.

What you really need sometimes is a little reminder.

Furniture shopping can be fun with the kids.

Get them involved and pack them a little juice box and things to snack on. Some books might go well for when they get bored so you don’t have to fork over the iPhone.

Little preparedness tips like this can save tantrums and a nightmarish shopping experience.

Have any other tips?

Let us know in the comments below 🙂

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3 Signs Your Kid Needs Pine Furniture

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Parents only want what is best for their kids and this includes the furniture they have in their bedroom.

Switching to using pine furniture this time would do you a lot of favor because it has a lot of advantages, from its aesthetics to its price.

There are many misconceptions about purchasing pine furniture, as one of them has to do with how much it costs.

You would be surprised on how much you would pay less if you choose this kind of furniture over other materials.

The question here is; how would you know that it is time to change your usual furniture material to pine, especially when you are dealing with your child’s space.

Here are three signs that your kid needs pine furniture:


1. The Number Of Times You Are Changing or Buying Furniture:


If you recently found yourself buying new furniture more often than the usual (maybe more than twice in a year), it is time to think about switching to pine materials.

They are known to be durable. This would be handy for your growing children, especially if they tend to roam around the room a lot and cause stuff to break. You don’t want to be buying new furniture every time they damage it.

Pines are sturdy and could last for years, which is why they are your best bet when this is the case.


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2. If You See Your Bank Account Or Savings Almost Going Down The Drain:


Okay, this might sound a little dramatic, but it is also the consequence of you buying new furniture every time your child damages it.

Whether you like it or not, if you keep buying new furniture, your pocket will soon be empty.

The minute you notice that you are spending more now than the usual for furniture, it is about time to make that switch before you go completely broke.


3. Design Issues:


Parents who are particular on the look of their space won’t have a problem if they would choose to buy pine furniture this time.

If the non-pine materials seem to bother your taste and eyes for interior design, then pine products would for you because they are very neutral.

We’re talking about its colors that could easily blend to pretty much anything there is in the room.

If you see that your current furniture is already hurting your eye, then it is probably time to buy some pine materials (pun not intended).

These three things are your guide to switching to buying pine furniture for your kid’s space.

You won’t regret it and you would benefit from it a lot, especially if you are on a tight budget.

Share this information with your loved ones, so they too could reap the many advantages that this material has in store for them.

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3 ways to get your old wooden furniture looking like new

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A well-made piece of furniture can last for generations upon generations, however, unless that furniture is well maintained and also lucky enough to avoid the wear and tear of life’s mishaps, an old piece of wooden furniture can end up looking like something you’d find in a landfill.

Thankfully, there are ways to restore old wooden furniture without having to go overboard with power tools, sanders and overly potent wood finishes and polishes.

With just a few simple tricks, you can take that old wooden cabinet or desk and make it look like the day it was finished.

old wooden furniture looking like new
You can see how nicely an old piece of furniture can be restored to it’s former glory.


1. Walnuts

One lesser known trick to removing knicks and dings from wooden furniture is to crack open a walnut and rub the meat of the nut over affected areas of the furniture.

Surprisingly, this actually helps cover up and make invisible scuffs in wooden furniture.

2. Sandwich Ingredients

I titled this section “sandwich ingredients,” because you can use household items which you would commonly find on a sandwich to help restore old furniture.

The first example of this is mayonnaise. You can actually use mayonnaise to remove blemishes in wood furniture that is caused by setting down a cup of coffee or liquid without a coaster.

Those annoying rings that you always see on wood furniture are caused by excess moisture from beverages being absorbed into the wood.

You can remove those rings by slathering some plain old’ mayonnaise over it, letting it sit for an hour or so and then wiping it off.

Another sandwich solution for old furniture is using a mixture of oil and white vinegar. Using a 3:1 ratio of olive oil to vinegar, you can apply the mixture to dry spots of the furniture with a cheesecloth to help restore it back to new.

3. Elbow grease


get your old wooden furniture looking like new
A little elbow grease and the right tools can do wonders.

The third idea is probably the most obvious one but is certainly worth mentioning.

Sometimes all it takes to restore a piece if furniture is a good thorough cleaning with the right wood cleaning product.

It seems as basic as it gets, but is probably the first solution to turn to before resorting to anything else.

Some might be amazed at how an old beat up piece of wooden furniture was just covered in dirt or blemishes that actually turn invisible once the dust is wiped clean.

Of course, it’s always nice to be able to restore an old piece of furniture for little to no money, especially if that furniture holds sentimental value or is a family heirloom.

In other cases, though, the problem is beyond little fix-it tips and how-to articles.

Sometimes, a piece of furniture is just too far gone to fully restore, or it’s time to simply motion for change in your environment.

In that instance, it can be best and most practical to simply find a store or designer who makes furniture to your liking and spend an investment on furnishing your house with style and elegance.
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Furniture Shopping: Three Important Questions Never Asked

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Shopping for furniture is a lot harder than you think.

It is not like shopping for clothes where you take whatever it is that you feel like would look good on you.

There are things that you must consider in order to maximize your furniture’s use and to also prevent you from being ripped off.

We’re here to inform you of the three most important queries that must be made before buying some new furniture.

Don’t be like the others who would just swipe their card and later on regret what they bought.




Asking for the materials used to build the furniture is among the most neglected questions that consumers fail to ask.

Always check the materials of the item you are considering.

This is important because you would be able to find out the durability of the item.

If you are a smart consumer, you would do some research first before stepping into a store to do your shopping.

Let us take a dining table for example.

If you do your research well, you are able to find out what kind of wood would be best to make furniture last longer.

If you are in for longevity, you will choose wood made from Pine.

This would also help you determine that what you are about to purchase is worth your money.

So remember to always ask the salesperson on what is the furniture made of, so you know that you are not being ripped off.




Always make sure you by from reputable manufacturers.
Asking who made the furniture is also important.

This helps you determine if the company is also being fair to their workers.

If they tell you that the labor was outsourced from another country where wages are really low, then you should probably think twice of buying it.

You wouldn’t want to be supporting modern day slavery that affects people’s labor rights.

If you think that the makers of the furniture were not paid right for their worth, then you might want to find another store.

Considering other people’s rights is important whenever you purchase anything that is meant to last in your home.




Measure twice, cut once!

Make sure you measure before you buy!

Ok not really applicable in this situation…

But you wouldn’t believe the amount of people that buy a new piece of furniture for their home without even thinking whether it’s going to fit in the space they bought it for.

Always measure up the space in your home you are buying a piece of furniture for.

There’s nothing worse than getting a delivery you’re all excited for only to realise it’s not going to fit.


And that’s it! Have any other questions you think are important to ask before getting a piece of furniture?

Let us know in the comments below!

3 Signs You Drastically Need New Furniture For Your Home

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Staying in the loop when it comes to the interior of your house could sometimes be tricky. It could be hard to know when exactly you need new furniture, especially if you are on a tight budget. But just to give you some quick tips about the matter, here are the three signs your house needs some new furniture.

    1. One Stop Pine Termites
      Bed bugs are often present with older furniture.

      Presence Of Bed Bugs: If your sofas and chairs are already the nesting places of bed bugs, then you can bet that it is about time to get new ones. The saying, “Don’t let the bed bugs bite,” should be taken literally this time in related to this issue. Bed bugs are often found in rattan chairs and other living room furniture. The older your furniture get, the more chances that bed bugs could live in there. It is best not to wait for those to bite you before you actually change them. Others would resort to just killing those bed bugs with insecticides, but we don’t suggest that since they would just come back. It is not guaranteed that their eggs would be completely eliminated, so chances are they will be there to bite you again.


    1. One stop Pine carpet floors
      It’s hard these days to have nice interior design with old shabby carpet.

      Presence Of Carpet Floors: Believe it or not, if you are still using carpet these days on your floors, then it is time to let that go and give your house some new furniture. Carpets were cool back in the 90’s, but definitely not in 2016. If you still have them, it is a sign that you not only need new furniture, you pretty much need a complete makeover for your interiors. It is not even practical to use carpet anymore since they could even cost you a lot when it comes to the maintenance. So if you’re thinking of saving cash, it is a good move to let go of carpets as soon as possible.


  1. One Stop Pine Penrith furniture
    Be careful buying old wooden furniture as it could have termites.

    Presence Of Rust and Termites: If you have furniture made of steel and you are starting to see them rust, that means they have to go. They might cause harm to anyone who would go near them because in case you don’t know, rusty furniture could cause tetanus. It could be fatal, especially if you don’t have your vaccination from it. On the other hand, termites in wooden furniture are what you should watch out for. Because as soon as termites start living in your furniture, you can count on your stuff deteriorating in no time. Termites could also crawl down to your wooden walls, which could even affect your entire shelter.

Take note of these three signs because these won’t just indicate your dire need to change your furniture, but they also show how much your house needs its required maintenance. There are other signs to look out for when it comes to changing your furniture, but these should suffice for now. Keep in mind that how your house looks like is the reflection of yourself. So keep it fresh and clean!


The 3 Step Shopping Guide To Make Sure You Get The Right Furniture For Your Home.

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Choosing the right furniture for your current or new home is sometimes difficult and a daunting experience for some. There are three basic steps that will make this a simple and easy process. The steps are:

  • Choose the right furniture for the setting
  • Negotiate the right price.
  • Get the best furniture quality and construction.

The first step is broken into a number of smaller steps to achieve the final goal. Following each step will ensure that the right choices are made and the final result is reached.

Measuring the available space and selecting furniture to suit the area is vital. Physical measurements are needed as visual sizing is mostly deceiving and not accurate.

Style suited for the home is the next consideration and must suit both your lifestyle and personality. Whether modern, traditional or antique, the choice is yours to make.

Color is important as you will be living with it for a long period of time in most cases. Pick colours and patterns that are more neutral than striking and will still look good after a few years.

Keep your current and future lifestyle in mind as certain items may not be the best choice if there are pets or small children in the household.

Quality furniture can withstand more than cheaper items and will last a lot longer even under certain harsh conditions. Most furniture is either solid, veneer or made from plywood. Prices will vary according to the material used and also affect the period that it will remain functional. Hardwood furniture is expensive but could last for decades and become a valuable asset over time.

The second step in the process is getting a reasonable or good price quoted for the furniture required. Buying furniture over a period of time and not all at once could save you both money and not leave you with items not really required. Spreading the purchases over a period could also avoid finance charges if having to buy on credit to fill the space.

When finding the right piece of furnishing and having cash to pay with could also allow you to negotiate a better price from the dealer.

Buying furniture that dealers call “floor models” is another money saving option. In many cases, there is little or no visual damage to the item but the price is lower than normal.

The final thing to consider is the construction methods used for the furniture. Solid furniture made from quality woods are the best options to consider. These items will feel heavy and solid and could withstand more use that furniture made from other materials. Experts recommend the “sit test” before you buy. Make sure it is comfortable and in line with your expectations.


Having A Baby? You’ll Need This Item…

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baby changing table

Having a baby changes the way you look at your home.

Becoming a parent can shift your focus from furniture that looks fashionable to furniture that is functional for your family.

But that doesn’t mean you have to lose your sense or style or sacrifice your interior deign dreams.

Furnishing a home ready for a baby is actually a lot easier than you think.

The key to buying furniture for your new baby is to keep it simple.

Invest in well designed and good quality furniture that helps to make your day to day life with your little one a little bit easier.

A good place to start with baby furniture is with a great changing table.

pine baby changing table
Click here to view Australian made pine baby furniture.

Changing tables are not just for nappies…

Your changing table will become your go to baby station for all those tricky tasks that parents with newborns need some space for.

They’re the perfect size and space for getting your bub ready in the morning, for bath times, for bed times or for those times when you’re not quite sure what you’re doing with them…

Having a familiar spot for your baby is a great way of settling them down and making them easier to deal with.

Anyone that has has to change a particularly poopy, crying, teething baby will agree that it is much easy to get things done in a calm environment.

You can make your changing table a personal space for your little one by adding their favourite toys, colours and hanging mobiles to distract and calm them.

A changing table also has a lot of benefits for you…

You’ll find with a designated place to store your baby stuff your home will be less cluttered and everything will be easier to find.

Having everything in one place also makes it easier to see what you have and don’t have which makes stocking up on baby supplies a lot easier.

You won’t have to worry so much about running out of nappies mid wiping if you have an organised system!

It is also much kinder to your body to invest in a changing table.

Although it’s pretty easy to manoeuvre a newborn, picking up and moving a one year old can be a bit trickier.

Having a changing table at the right height for your body will save you straining your back and struggling with a squirmy baby.

They are also a good idea if you are worried about your baby’s safety.

Changing your bub on a dresser or a sofa is great every now and then…

But don’t forget that babies do like to roll around and there is always the possibility of an accident if your changing surface is not a properly designed for laying an infant on.

Obviously the big problem with changing tables is that you won’t need them forever…

However quality baby items do hold their value so they are really easy to sell on.

Or you could always upcycle and turn your changing table into something new for your little one’s big kid bedroom.

And don’t forget you could always have another one!

How did your changing table help you? Let us know in the comments below…

5 Fun Beds Your Kids Will Love

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kids beds

Ask any parent what it’s like shopping for kids furniture and they’ll either laugh or cry.

kids beds
This scene from ‘Stepbrothers’ really states the case for bunk-beds…

Decorating a kid’s bedroom and choosing kids furniture can be a nightmare!

Although you may dream of a Pinterest perfect stylish and modern home, all your kids want are nauseating colours, cartoon characters everywhere and walls you can write on (top tip if that last one is causing problems in your household invest in some chalkboard paint…)

Luckily furniture designers are always working on ways to make your interior design ideas and family friendly furniture blend together.

If you’re looking for the perfect kid’s bed, here are our top picks for kids beds you’ll both love…

#1. The Bayswater Single Over A Double Bunk Bed


kids beds
Click here to view this product

Bunk beds are always a great choice for kids’ room.

In the words of Will Ferrrell they create ‘so much space for activities’ and provide kids with their own zones where they can play or chill out.

A single over a double bunk bed is a great choice for kids who are sharing a room as it allows them more sharing space.

The top bunk provides a bit of privacy and personal space as it’s up high while the larger bottom bed provides them with an area to hang out together when they’re getting along.

These beds are also really useful for when you have overnight guests or sleepovers as they provide you with extra sleeping space. Which is a big bonus if your home is lacking space!

#2. The Cameron Single Midi Sleeper With Stairs


kids beds
Click here to view this product

Midi sleepers are a great idea for little kids who aren’t ready for a full size high bunk. If you’re worried about them rolling out just add a barrier to the side.

They’re also a good choice for bigger kids who need storage but still want a grown up and stylish room.

Having storage options below a bed makes it easier for kids to keep rooms tidy as everything is tucked away.

A roll away desk is great for storing away clutter when homework is finished with and easy to update when your child gets older.


#3. The Jamaica Single Midi Sleeper with Slide


kids beds
Click here to view this product

Who doesn’t love a bed with a slide?

For kids this a fun piece of furniture which combines playtime with bedtime!

For parents this is a really functional and easy to adapt piece of furniture.

While your kids are little use the space beneath as a place to build a den and play, then when they’re older simply remove the slide and start using the under bed area for functional storage.



#4. The Madison Bunk

kids beds
Click here to view this product


If you’ve got horrible memories of cheap wobbly bunks with spongey mattresses (either from school camp or that backpacking trip around Europe) you need to forget them…

Bunk beds are now cool.

As this stylish high sleeper shows, bunk beds can look pretty stylish. For teenagers sharing a room can be difficult but adding modern furniture makes it a bit more bearable.

Consider buying more stylish (or adult style) furniture for pre-teens as it saves you having to update a kid’s bedroom as they grow into teenagers.


#5. The Rio Midi Sleeper

kids beds
Click here to view product


Mid sleepers with storage are a great idea for kids as it gives them special places to put the things they love.

Rather than hiding away toys in dark cupboards they can have the close to hand but just tucked away from view.

Beds with extra storage make it much easier to encourage kids to clean their rooms as these big drawers and deep cupboards make it much quicker and easier for them to get their stuff away.

The key thing to think about when buying any furniture for your family is quality.

Whatever style you and your kids chose make sure you purchase from a reputable retailer and that it’s good quality furniture.

Your kids will spend every night sleeping in their bed so it’s important to make sure it’s a good one.

What do you think of these kid’s beds? Let us know in the comments below…

How To Buy Furniture Online

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buy furniture online

Online shopping is always a gamble.

Choosing and purchasing furniture from a computer screen is one of the most tricky transactions you’ll ever have to make.

How will you know if it will fit? If it’s good quality or if it will get to you in one piece?

Luckily online shopping is getting easier and easier and furniture retailers understand the process of furnishing your home from the comfort of your own home.

If you’re looking to buy furniture online…

Research furniture styles

buy furniture online
Bookmark pages of blogs or websites with furniture styles you like.

Spend some time gathering ideas from professional blogs and design sites. The more you research furniture the better prepared you are to make a purchase.

Look for furniture that matches your needs and avoid picking styles based upon what’s currently in fashion. Remember whatever you buy has got to fit your home and grow with your family.

Know what you’re looking for


The key to successful online shopping is to know what you want. It can be overwhelming to browse through thousands of styles online so make a decision on what exactly you are looking for.

The easiest way to narrow down your internet searches for furniture is to pick a type of wood. Pine furniture is probably the most popular modern furniture choice. This is because pine is tough, good quality and easy to style and change. Pine furniture can be stained painted or finished in any style

By narrowing your search down you make it much easier to find a specific retailer who stocks the furniture you are particularity looking for.

Take measurements


buy furniture online
If you’re buying furniture you’ll need to measure it.

This should be the most important thing you do!

You need to make sure your new furniture will fit in your room. Take clear measurements of not only the space you have but also of the room and the existing furniture.

Measuring existing furniture helps you to put the furniture you’re viewing online into perspective.

Find a reputable retailer


The biggest cost for online shopping is shipping. Look for a local company that offers online shopping for reduced transport costs.

A company that offer Australian made furniture is also a good thing to look out for. Australian made furniture is always cheaper and better made for Australian homes.

Don’t forget that if you’re looking online European furniture is always smaller and American furniture always bigger!

Before buying anything online always check out reviews and other websites to see who is offering the best deal and best quality product. Don’t be fooled by flashy websites with bargain prices. There are a lot of sharks waiting to take your money online.

Online shops that have a physical store or outlet with a street address are always a safer options than companies that just pop up in your browser from nowhere.

Look at photographs


buy furniture online
Mood boards are a great way to organise your ideas.

Carefully look at all the furniture photographs available. Make sure there are no aspects that you don’t like or clever angles hiding what could be a fault.

A good idea is to actually print out photographs. You can either pin them up in the room you are planning to place the furniture to see how it fits or create a mood board.

Mood boards are a great way to match your soft furnishings and accessories. Rather than using sites like Pinterest create a physical mood board. It’s much easier to put interior design ideas into perspective when you’re looking at them collected together in one place and you can hold your mood board in your own hands.

Arrange a visit


The benefit of online shopping on a local furniture shop’s website is that you can always pop in and check out what you’re buying before you commit.

If you look online first your shopping trip will be a lot quicker and lot less stressful. Some stores can even let you reserve online before purchasing in store.

Online shopping takes the stress out of hunting for furniture but there is no reason why you can’t check out your final pieces in person if you have the option.

Buying furniture online is a great way to save money and reduce the stress of shopping.

As long as you take your time and think about purchases carefully.

Let us know your experiences of buying furniture online in the comments below…

The 5 Step Checklist For Buying New Furniture.

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Blog Image

Buying new furniture doesn’t have to be a daunting prospect!

We often see wives dragging their husbands around looking at furniture with no real idea of what they want or need for their home.

At the same time we also see younger shoppers looking at furniture for their first place away from home with no clue as to what they need.

If you want to make shopping for new furniture an enjoyable experience you only need to follow this 5 step checklist.

1: Know what you need.

The first thing you need to do is make a list of everything you need.

This is especially important for those who have just moved out of home.

Make a list of the essentials.

For those that are replacing furniture you need to make a list of what you need to replace.

Otherwise you might get new furniture home, realise you forgot a bedside table, get back to the shop and find they don’t have any left that match your new furniture.

2: Get your measurements!

Cannot stress this one enough…

Measure your lounge, bedroom, dining room, whatever space you are getting furniture for…

You MUST have the correct measurements.

You would not believe the amount of people that buy new furniture to find that when they get it home it doesn’t fit. That includes doorways to get it into your home.

3: Set a budget.

You may be thinking well duh!

But it’s easy to get carried away when shopping for furniture.

The last thing you want to do is go to a shop that has furniture that you absolutely love but cannot afford.

You do NOT want to end up with a lounge room that’s completely empty except for a designer lounge.

It’s not a good look…

4: Do Your Homework.

When looking at furniture make sure you check out all the options.

Don’t just grab the first lounge suite you see…

Download their catalogue and have a look at their specials.

Get the measurements of the pieces you like and make sure they’ll fit.

Ring the store if you have to.


one stop pine shop catalogue

Grab A Copy Of Our Catalogue For Amazing Specials On Our Furniture!

Download Catalogue

5: Make sure you arrange transport.

When you buy a new lounge or dining suite for your home, remember to arrange transport of the new furniture.

It’s also a good idea if you’re on your own to ask a friend for help if you need to carry it to your property, especially if there are stairs involved.

You don’t want to get all your new furniture home and then realise you have no way to get it into your house without help.


So there you have it.

That’s our 5 point checklist for buying furniture.

Remember it next time you go shopping for a new piece of furniture for your home.

Have we forgotten something?

If you think there’s another good tip for those who are buying furniture please let us know in the comments below.