3 Signs Your Kid Needs Pine Furniture

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Parents only want what is best for their kids and this includes the furniture they have in their bedroom.

Switching to using pine furniture this time would do you a lot of favor because it has a lot of advantages, from its aesthetics to its price.

There are many misconceptions about purchasing pine furniture, as one of them has to do with how much it costs.

You would be surprised on how much you would pay less if you choose this kind of furniture over other materials.

The question here is; how would you know that it is time to change your usual furniture material to pine, especially when you are dealing with your child’s space.

Here are three signs that your kid needs pine furniture:


1. The Number Of Times You Are Changing or Buying Furniture:


If you recently found yourself buying new furniture more often than the usual (maybe more than twice in a year), it is time to think about switching to pine materials.

They are known to be durable. This would be handy for your growing children, especially if they tend to roam around the room a lot and cause stuff to break. You don’t want to be buying new furniture every time they damage it.

Pines are sturdy and could last for years, which is why they are your best bet when this is the case.


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2. If You See Your Bank Account Or Savings Almost Going Down The Drain:


Okay, this might sound a little dramatic, but it is also the consequence of you buying new furniture every time your child damages it.

Whether you like it or not, if you keep buying new furniture, your pocket will soon be empty.

The minute you notice that you are spending more now than the usual for furniture, it is about time to make that switch before you go completely broke.


3. Design Issues:


Parents who are particular on the look of their space won’t have a problem if they would choose to buy pine furniture this time.

If the non-pine materials seem to bother your taste and eyes for interior design, then pine products would for you because they are very neutral.

We’re talking about its colors that could easily blend to pretty much anything there is in the room.

If you see that your current furniture is already hurting your eye, then it is probably time to buy some pine materials (pun not intended).

These three things are your guide to switching to buying pine furniture for your kid’s space.

You won’t regret it and you would benefit from it a lot, especially if you are on a tight budget.

Share this information with your loved ones, so they too could reap the many advantages that this material has in store for them.

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5 Fun Beds Your Kids Will Love

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kids beds

Ask any parent what it’s like shopping for kids furniture and they’ll either laugh or cry.

kids beds
This scene from ‘Stepbrothers’ really states the case for bunk-beds…

Decorating a kid’s bedroom and choosing kids furniture can be a nightmare!

Although you may dream of a Pinterest perfect stylish and modern home, all your kids want are nauseating colours, cartoon characters everywhere and walls you can write on (top tip if that last one is causing problems in your household invest in some chalkboard paint…)

Luckily furniture designers are always working on ways to make your interior design ideas and family friendly furniture blend together.

If you’re looking for the perfect kid’s bed, here are our top picks for kids beds you’ll both love…

#1. The Bayswater Single Over A Double Bunk Bed


kids beds
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Bunk beds are always a great choice for kids’ room.

In the words of Will Ferrrell they create ‘so much space for activities’ and provide kids with their own zones where they can play or chill out.

A single over a double bunk bed is a great choice for kids who are sharing a room as it allows them more sharing space.

The top bunk provides a bit of privacy and personal space as it’s up high while the larger bottom bed provides them with an area to hang out together when they’re getting along.

These beds are also really useful for when you have overnight guests or sleepovers as they provide you with extra sleeping space. Which is a big bonus if your home is lacking space!

#2. The Cameron Single Midi Sleeper With Stairs


kids beds
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Midi sleepers are a great idea for little kids who aren’t ready for a full size high bunk. If you’re worried about them rolling out just add a barrier to the side.

They’re also a good choice for bigger kids who need storage but still want a grown up and stylish room.

Having storage options below a bed makes it easier for kids to keep rooms tidy as everything is tucked away.

A roll away desk is great for storing away clutter when homework is finished with and easy to update when your child gets older.


#3. The Jamaica Single Midi Sleeper with Slide


kids beds
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Who doesn’t love a bed with a slide?

For kids this a fun piece of furniture which combines playtime with bedtime!

For parents this is a really functional and easy to adapt piece of furniture.

While your kids are little use the space beneath as a place to build a den and play, then when they’re older simply remove the slide and start using the under bed area for functional storage.



#4. The Madison Bunk

kids beds
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If you’ve got horrible memories of cheap wobbly bunks with spongey mattresses (either from school camp or that backpacking trip around Europe) you need to forget them…

Bunk beds are now cool.

As this stylish high sleeper shows, bunk beds can look pretty stylish. For teenagers sharing a room can be difficult but adding modern furniture makes it a bit more bearable.

Consider buying more stylish (or adult style) furniture for pre-teens as it saves you having to update a kid’s bedroom as they grow into teenagers.


#5. The Rio Midi Sleeper

kids beds
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Mid sleepers with storage are a great idea for kids as it gives them special places to put the things they love.

Rather than hiding away toys in dark cupboards they can have the close to hand but just tucked away from view.

Beds with extra storage make it much easier to encourage kids to clean their rooms as these big drawers and deep cupboards make it much quicker and easier for them to get their stuff away.

The key thing to think about when buying any furniture for your family is quality.

Whatever style you and your kids chose make sure you purchase from a reputable retailer and that it’s good quality furniture.

Your kids will spend every night sleeping in their bed so it’s important to make sure it’s a good one.

What do you think of these kid’s beds? Let us know in the comments below…

8 Clever Bedroom Furniture Storage Ideas

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bedroom furniture storage

The biggest problem in the bedroom is storage…

How do you find furniture to hold all that stuff you’ve collected?

You can add extra storage by making the most of your bedroom furniture.

Here are 7 clever ideas for bedroom furniture storage…


bedroom furniture storage
Use any dead space around your bed for storage

#1. Beds


Pick a bed with drawers underneath or space to slide stuff under. If you a have a small room consider investing in a raised bed with lots of space underneath.

A great tip is to chose a thick and sturdy frame. The headboard can double as bookshelf or be used like a night-stand for lamps, alarm clocks and bedtime drinks or snacks. Frames with bed posts at the top and bottom are great for hanging clothes or accessories.

#2. Wardrobes


Never buy a budget wardrobe. Wardrobes need to be tough to hold all your stuff. A solid, hard wood wardrobe is strong enough to hold whatever you throw in it.

Utilise all the space in your wardrobe. Add a shoe rack or storage boxes underneath your hanging clothes. Add pegs to the inside doors to hang scarves, ties or hats and create more hanging space by folding less worn clothes in drawers.

A great storage idea is to use the space on top of the wardrobe. Hide stuff you don’t often use in boxes or baskets out of the way.

#3. Shelves


bedroom furniture storage
Shelves can help create a stylish modern look

Shelves are amazing for small spaces and can be added to empty wall spaces above existing furniture. Good quality hard wood shelves can replace bulky units or bookcases.

Sturdy wooden shelves can hold a lot of weight, make the most of this and maximise your storage space. You can stack storage boxes or baskets on shelves or add hooks beneath to hang lighter items.

#4. Chests or trunks


Chests or trunks are a great retro addition to any room. For kid’s rooms chests are a great place to store toys. For adults rooms you can store linens and out of season clothing.

Get the most from your chest by padding the lid so it can be used as a seat. Chests are a really versatile piece of furniture that can be used in any room. As they’re easy to move you don’t have to commit to using just one space.

A great tip is to place chests under wall shelves or hanging items to use up dead floor space.

#5. Night-stands or dressing tables


bedroom furniture storage
A dressing table adds storage space and character

These retro furniture pieces are having a revival…

A night stand is a handy piece of bedroom furniture that should always have good storage space. Invest in a unit with a cupboard or drawers rather than just a table. This extra space can be used to store personal items out of sight. To free up surface space think about fixing a wall light rather than using a lamp.

Avoid cluttering a bedside table by keeping all of your night time essentials organised in a box or basket.

A dressing table is an amazing way to organise your cosmetics and accessories. Being organised is the key to unlock storage solutions. Dressing tables de-clutter other areas and provide more surface space.

They’re also a great way to make your room look a bit more glamorous. If you have great make up or accessories put them on display!

#6. Chests of drawers


A good chest of drawers is the most versatile item of furniture you can own. Make sure you purchase a good quality, hard wood. Strong drawers will hold lots of stuff without straining and a sturdy frame will hold the weight of whatever you place on the top surface.

Consider purchasing a tallboy rather than a traditional chest to maximise storage options. Tallboys are usually higher with much more drawer space.

Get the most from your chest of drawers by organising the inside space with boxes and baskets.

#7. Space on doors


Don’t underestimate the storage potential of doors. Always add hooks and pegs to hang clothing, towels or linen. The backs of doors are great places to hide things you need to use but don’t really want to see!

You’ll find so much storage space in your bedroom furniture once you start looking. Try to think outside the box and find ways to get extra space out of your own room.

Do you have any great bedroom furniture storage ideas? Let us know in the comments below…

5 Big Mistakes To Avoid When Buying Bedroom Furniture

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one stop pine shop

Whether you’re furnishing your first home or just sprucing up your place…

Picking bedroom furniture can be tricky…

Bedroom furniture done right can transform your living space but it’s very easy to get it wrong.


Here are our 5 big mistakes to avoid when buying bedroom furniture…


#1. Buying poor quality furniture.


With furniture you get what you pay for. Budget options rarely last.

Furniture is an investment and if picked correctly it can last a whole life time.

Don’t cut corners! If you’re going to sleep in a bed every night it needs to be good quality!

The best way to save money is to consider more cost effective options rather than looking at cheaper items. A couple of good quality wood shelves could do the same job as a unit at the fraction of the cost.

Bargain flat pack options may seem like a great idea but it doesn’t take a lot to cheapen a look and for one item of furniture to spoil your hard work in the rest of the room.


#2. Cluttering the room.

wardrobe one stop pine
A wardrobe with drawers and a mirror saves a lot of space


Be realistic about the size of your room.

Even if you have a great design in mind the question you always have to ask yourself is ‘Will it fit?’

If you have a small space to fill, avoid dark wood and bulky items. A great option to create the allusion of space is to pick furniture in light wood tones or pale neutral colours.

Avoid buying too much furniture. Don’t waste money or space on items that another piece could do the job of. A wardrobe with shelf storage or a bed with drawers beneath are much sleeker ways to store your stuff than in lots of bulky units.


#3. Not creating a focal point.


An amazing interior look is created by placing one brilliant piece on display.

For your bedroom furniture you should chose to splurge on one piece to use as a focal point for the room. Most people chose an amazing bed that can be dressed up with soft furnishing or linens but there are other options. Maybe a great antique pine wardrobe or a well decorated dresser.

Having one really show-stopping piece distracts attention from less attractive points. Without a focal point you room will look dull and uninteresting.


#4. Mixing and matching too many styles.


An eclectic living space looks stylish but be careful not to go over the top. A bedroom is supposed to be a calming place so don’t use too many contrasting styles and colours.

A good tip is to pick a range of items made from the same wood so although styles may vary there is still a theme.

Pine is a fantastic option as it is used for so many different furniture looks. Pine is easy to paint, stain or varnish so can be transformed to fit almost any style.


#5. Following fashions.

One stop pine shop
Simple furniture designs fit into any look or colour scheme

Furniture is something you will have to live with and see everyday.

Try to pick something you actually like and is practical rather than what is fashionable that year.

Remember trends change quickly and it’s easy for styles to become out dated.

A good tip is to go for classic designs that never go out of style and dress up the room with cheaper easier to change elements like lighting or upholstery. If you want your home to feel fresh you can always just rearrange the layout or change cosmetic features like door handles


And don’t forget to put your own personal stamp on the room, nowhere is more personal than your own bedroom.

What are your biggest bedroom furniture failures and successes? Let us know in the comments below…