3 Hilarious Reasons To Stay Away From Flat Pack Furniture

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Flat Pack Furniture, a.k.a. Ready-To-Assemble Furniture, a.k.a Knock-Down Furniture, a.k.a. Kit Furniture; is a form of furniture that requires customer assembly.

The fact that this so-called “furniture” needs four different names to try and even describe what it’s supposed to be, really seems like a big clue to stay far, far, far, far away from it! I think I could probably get away with this being the first hilarious reason to stay away from it, but it actually kind of seems more disturbing than hilarious.

#1 Someone might see you try to assemble it!

Anyone who’s ever tried to assemble flat pack furniture themselves knows how frustrating this task can actually be. It usually starts as an awkwardly shaped, beautiful, brown box that’s really heavy. If you’re really funny flatpack furniture memelucky though it might even have a bunch of smaller brown boxes inside, along with those famous ‘easy-to-follow’ instructions! In a way, it’s a bit of a gamble in that the odds of successfully building it out are not always guaranteed.

Now, Anyone who’s been fortunate enough to get to watch someone try to assemble “Ready-To-Assemble Furniture” knows how hilarious the next few hours or sometimes days actually is! I’m sure many relationships have ended because of uncontrollable laughter at their partner’s frustration. Most people these days will embarrassingly admit they would have actually preferred to pay someone else to do it instead!

#2 Think outside the box! Don’t have the same furniture as everyone else!

Have you ever noticed how trying to be hip and unique usually actually ends up making you just like everyone else? Really boring and really similar! These days it seems like everyone lives in the same cookie-cutter houses with the same cookie-cutter furniture inside and also for some strange reason even the same dishes most of the time too now (not sure who’s fault that is yet). Since Sweden’s creation of this low-priced, low-quality furniture in 1949 they’ve actually been slowly taking over the world one simple house at a time!

I wonder how often people get lost trying to figure out which house is theirs after a night of too many cocktails!

#3 The seemingly obvious options we forget we actually still have!

Have we forgotten how incredibly talented real carpenters are and always have been? Did you know that there are still stores out there who make furniture out of actual wood? It’s not only beautiful, and will last a lifetime, but it’s already assembled for you too! Instead of looking just like all the other houses. You have the option to make your home somewhat unique still.funny image

But wait! There’s more! The most amazing pieces of hand-crafted, wood furniture out there will last many lifetimes. There’s even a special name for it. Remember Antique Furniture? Often times it’s the most affordable and found at your local garage sales! While your flatpack furniture may seem as though it is the cost effective option, by the time you buy it, assemble it and go about your day, you could have come up on some truly well crafted and artistically designed furniture for only slightly more money and none of the hassle.

Make Your Home The Envy Of All Your Friends With These 3 Interior Design Hacks.

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Interior décor is a pivotal aspect of any home design that can make or break the comfort and functionality of one’s home. While many people may think that a fancy design to spice up a home’s ambiance or set a given mood is something best left to the experts, the reality is that just a few simple tips and a basic understanding of interior design can really accomplish some wonderful style for very little cost or effort. Here are a few tips that can get the ball rolling in creating a home environment that will impress your guests and provide a real sense of home in the place that you live.

1) Clever use of mirrors:

Mirrors add light to a dark room.

Mirrors have a way of tricking the eye into feeling as though a given space is a lot bigger than it actually is. While too many mirrors can backfire and create more of a “fun house” effect or a few bumps on the head, a clever and skillful use can bring a room to life. Mirrors are perfect for a dark corner which could use better lighting, as a mirror reflects light, thus helping to extend the reach of a room’s lighting without having to buy or install additional lights. Mirrors can also be used to extend the depth of a small or narrow hallway.

2) Thrift stores and yard sales:

New homes, particularly one that is freshly built and occupied recently by its first owners can sometimes feel sterile and lack character. This can easily be remedied by adding character through the choice of furniture and decorations. To avoid a house feeling too much like a modern art exhibit or office building, older furniture or decorations with some wear and tear can add a feel and a flavor of home to an otherwise bland environment. Older furniture or decorations can be found easily for very little money at thrift stores or yard sales. If you’re a new homeowner and don’t already have your own unique furniture or family heirlooms, this can be a great way to acquire decorations which have already been worn in for you. Home should feel like home; not a hospital. Therefore, placing just a few used items in an otherwise crisp, clean environment can paint the feeling that your home is a place where you can relax and be comfortable.

3) Accent colors:

Feature wall
A great example of a feature wall.

When decorating a home, a consistent color scheme is most often desirable. This can be a scheme that is unique to each room of the house, or can even be a scheme that Is consistent

throughout. The scheme that one selects is entirely a matter of personal tastes, but once the colors have been selected, some skillful placement of where these colors appear in relation to others can mean the difference between a room feeling spacious and pleasing or cluttered and busy. One technique often used by professional décor consultants is to paint one wall the accent color of choice while leaving the other three walls white. This can be useful in leading the eye to a tastefully selected piece of art which is mounted on the wall, or a decoration that is placed strategically within the room. As long as your colors blend well and are pleasing to the eye, this technique can offer a very modern look, or make one feel as though a professional designer has had their part in the designs creation.

Home décor can be a deep art that is practiced and studied to mastery, but most people are perfectly happy doing the design themselves. I hope that these tips are helpful in at least getting you started in decorating a beautiful home for yourself, or perhaps offer some understanding of how a house can become a home.

The 3 Step Shopping Guide To Make Sure You Get The Right Furniture For Your Home.

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Choosing the right furniture for your current or new home is sometimes difficult and a daunting experience for some. There are three basic steps that will make this a simple and easy process. The steps are:

  • Choose the right furniture for the setting
  • Negotiate the right price.
  • Get the best furniture quality and construction.

The first step is broken into a number of smaller steps to achieve the final goal. Following each step will ensure that the right choices are made and the final result is reached.

Measuring the available space and selecting furniture to suit the area is vital. Physical measurements are needed as visual sizing is mostly deceiving and not accurate.

Style suited for the home is the next consideration and must suit both your lifestyle and personality. Whether modern, traditional or antique, the choice is yours to make.

Color is important as you will be living with it for a long period of time in most cases. Pick colours and patterns that are more neutral than striking and will still look good after a few years.

Keep your current and future lifestyle in mind as certain items may not be the best choice if there are pets or small children in the household.

Quality furniture can withstand more than cheaper items and will last a lot longer even under certain harsh conditions. Most furniture is either solid, veneer or made from plywood. Prices will vary according to the material used and also affect the period that it will remain functional. Hardwood furniture is expensive but could last for decades and become a valuable asset over time.

The second step in the process is getting a reasonable or good price quoted for the furniture required. Buying furniture over a period of time and not all at once could save you both money and not leave you with items not really required. Spreading the purchases over a period could also avoid finance charges if having to buy on credit to fill the space.

When finding the right piece of furnishing and having cash to pay with could also allow you to negotiate a better price from the dealer.

Buying furniture that dealers call “floor models” is another money saving option. In many cases, there is little or no visual damage to the item but the price is lower than normal.

The final thing to consider is the construction methods used for the furniture. Solid furniture made from quality woods are the best options to consider. These items will feel heavy and solid and could withstand more use that furniture made from other materials. Experts recommend the “sit test” before you buy. Make sure it is comfortable and in line with your expectations.


5 Big Mistakes Every Parent Makes When Buying Furniture

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Buying furniture sounds very easy to do. You have to just go to the furniture store and buy what catches your eye.

But there are a lot of mistakes done by most people when they go furniture shopping, especially parents!

The following list is the mistakes done by parents when they buy furniture.


The realization should come first when buying furniture. Some parents buy big furniture without calculating the size of the room first. When you are in the store it’s easy to just imagine and plan where to put your furniture but in actuality, when the furniture arrives it doesn’t fit in the room! So next time when furniture shopping, calculate the size of the room first and remember you don’t need a really big furniture because it might just take up the whole space. One more thing, measure the door frame because the furniture might not fit in the door! Remember that miscalculation will lead to many problems that might result to either selling your furniture or returning it.


Parents did not realize that color scheme is also important. It’s not much of a problem if your wall is white and your furniture is black, or other colors. Some parents would just buy any color without asking for a sample that’s going to match the walls of the room. But choice could lead to a poor overall appearance of the house. The other thing that we can parallel with this behavior is buying on impulse. There are a lot of parents who buy furniture without a plan. One of the worst things that could happen in this scenario is buying impromptu without plans.


People just buy furniture when they like it without thinking what tools do they need to set all those up upon arriving home. There is nothing more annoying than arriving home with a new bed frame / table only to realize you need a screwdriver and don’t have one. It’s important to bear that in mind because buying furniture that needs to be assembled first will consume much of your time. It’s one of the mistakes parents should avoid.


When buying furniture, people tend to be overwhelmed that they forget to check the return policy or other forms and documents. So when there are problems encountered in the furniture, they don’t know what to do or how to return it. For example, you don’t know the amount of time the furniture should stay in your home, so when you decided to return it the store refuses it because it’s passed the month or day indicated in the policy.


Many things contribute to the overall value of a piece of furniture, including the price, durability, style of the piece and other features. Parents tend to choose this furniture because it is expensive and they equate expensiveness to value. It is not always the things! It doesn’t necessarily mean that the more expensive the price the more value it has. Sometimes those simple yet cheap furniture are the ones which last long in your house. Also, others choose beauty over comfort. This type of decision will not ensure that the furniture will provide comfort even if it’s beautiful to look at. At the end, it’s better to choose wisely.

Why Pine Furniture Is Perfect For Australian Homes

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Australian made pine furniture

Australian interior design is hard to describe.

As our country is so vast and our influences are so varied it’s almost impossible to pin down our style.

Every Australian home has it’s own individual vibe and look that is unique to the person or people who live in it.

But there is one thing that almost every Australian home has in it and that’s pine furniture.

Because no matter what your style or budget there is always pine furniture available to suit you and your home.

Australian made pine furniture
When buying furniture always think about the style of your home.

The biggest reason why it is so popular is because a lot of our pine furniture is made here in Australia.

This makes it much more affordable and much more appealing than furniture manufactured overseas.

The main benefit to buying Australian made pine furniture is that you are buying furniture that has been made with your home in mind.

Manufacturers will have carefully thought about what’s in style and how each piece will look in the average Australian home.

They will also have taken into account how each piece of furniture will physically fit into your home.

Which is really important because when you are buying furniture, size matters.

European furniture is always much smaller as European homes tend to be smaller. It’s also common for European furniture to be more dainty and ornate as it needs to fit in with the antique style that is present in most homes.

American furniture is always large which is great if you have a large home. However due to the size it is difficult to ship, store, assemble and sell on if you need to.

And of course budget websites that sell discounted furniture that has been made in Asia are well known to have lots of manufacturing problems.

To achieve those bargain prices factories will often cut corners when the make the furniture meaning you end up with a product that is much inferior in quality.

The other benefit to buying Australian made pine furniture is that you are supporting local businesses and helping to boost our economy by keeping your hard earned dollars in the country.

Responsible consumerism is a huge deal right now.

By purchasing Australian made pine furniture you are really doing your bit to help the world become a tiny bit better.

Australian made pine furniture
Click here to view our Australian made pine furniture!

The ideas behind ‘fair trade’ are not restricted just to tea and coffee.

Furniture should also be bought from responsible manufactures.

Australian furniture manufacturers have to abide by our fair work rules.

Meaning that nobody is being exploited or underpaid and all the raw materials must be ethically sourced which protects our environment.

You also hugely reduce your own carbon footprint by buying something that has been made so close to your home and doesn’t need to be shipped.

Obviously the biggest appeal of buying any furniture is how it looks and how much you want it in your home.

Remember that some pieces may be lifetime purchases.

Make sure you love anything you buy enough to live with it for the rest of your life!

When picking furniture it is always a good idea to do your research, collect some information and know exactly what you want.

If you have any furniture questions feel free to leave them in the comments below…

6 Reasons Why You Should Love Pine Furniture

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pine furniture

Pine furniture is always popular.

For the last 50 years through every interior design trend (good and bad!) it has always been a feature in Australian homes.

And right now is no exception!

In the last 12 months we have seen a huge rise in inquires about pine furniture thanks to the popularity of online style blogs and interior design accounts on Instagram

If you’re thinking about purchasing pine furniture or wondering how it can fit into your home we have lots of advice available (you can check out our blog here)

But right now…

Here are 6 reasons why you should love it.


#1. Affordability


Let’s face facts furniture is expensive but there is no reason for you to have to shell out more than you need to.

Pine is the most affordable quality wood furniture you can buy and due to it’s popularity it is also really easy to find a style you like.

For people who want to save money but not cut out style, pine furniture is the perfect happy medium.

It’s much better quality than cheap particle board and flat pack furniture but not anywhere near as expensive as classic hardwoods like oak.

An added bonus of course is that pine usually holds some value. Meaning it is always easy to sell on too…

pine furniture
Raw pine is great for styling yourself. Click here to see this product.

#2. It’s Easy To Style


Most pine furniture is simple and easy to style.

Very few pine pieces are elaborately carved or embellished meaning you have your own blank canvas to work with.

If you have artistic talents pine furniture is very easy to completely transform to create stand out pieces for your home.

Or if you’re not as confident with your art skills it’s still a great choice as it’s the easiest wood to paint, stain or varnish by yourself.

In particular the ‘shabby chic’ style is really easy to achieve with pine furniture as the wood already has that unique rustic look.

#3. Long lasting


If your pine is looked after and treated properly it can last a lifetime.

Don’t believe this?

Take a look at the furniture in older relatives homes! We can guarantee that every family has at least one piece of 1970’s pine floating around…

pine furniture
Sets or suites of furniture make shopping easy!
Click here to view products

#4. Versatile


Pine is very easy to live with as most pieces are usually very practical items of furniture.

Investing in classic pieces is a great idea if you are not sure what your future plans are or if you are just starting out in a home.

Something like a quality chest of drawers can be used in a variety of ways in different rooms around your home and adapted as you need it.

#5. Tough


Pine furniture is great for families as although it is classed as a soft wood it’s still very tough.

If you scratch the surface it doesn’t cause too much harm as part of pine furniture’s charm is that the knots and grains are visible.

If you are buying furniture for children pine is a good choice as it’s sturdy and robust.

Pine bedroom furniture is a great family investment as it can withstand a lot of moving around and wear and tear.

#6. Low maintenance


Pine furniture requires very little maintenance which makes it a great choice if you have a busy life.

You don’t need to wash pine more than once a year and all it takes to keep it looking great is the occasional wipe down.

If you want to keep the finish looking new all you need is to occasionally polish with orange oil which is very cheap and very easy to find in hardware shops.


Obviously there are a million more benefits to pine furniture and as your home is so individual to you we’re sure you have your own personal lists or pros and cons.

The most important thing to factor in when buying any furniture is to pick pieces you like.

You’ll have to live with it for a long time, so it’s important you pick the right pieces.


Let us know why you love pine in the comments below…

Having A Baby? You’ll Need This Item…

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baby changing table

Having a baby changes the way you look at your home.

Becoming a parent can shift your focus from furniture that looks fashionable to furniture that is functional for your family.

But that doesn’t mean you have to lose your sense or style or sacrifice your interior deign dreams.

Furnishing a home ready for a baby is actually a lot easier than you think.

The key to buying furniture for your new baby is to keep it simple.

Invest in well designed and good quality furniture that helps to make your day to day life with your little one a little bit easier.

A good place to start with baby furniture is with a great changing table.

pine baby changing table
Click here to view Australian made pine baby furniture.

Changing tables are not just for nappies…

Your changing table will become your go to baby station for all those tricky tasks that parents with newborns need some space for.

They’re the perfect size and space for getting your bub ready in the morning, for bath times, for bed times or for those times when you’re not quite sure what you’re doing with them…

Having a familiar spot for your baby is a great way of settling them down and making them easier to deal with.

Anyone that has has to change a particularly poopy, crying, teething baby will agree that it is much easy to get things done in a calm environment.

You can make your changing table a personal space for your little one by adding their favourite toys, colours and hanging mobiles to distract and calm them.

A changing table also has a lot of benefits for you…

You’ll find with a designated place to store your baby stuff your home will be less cluttered and everything will be easier to find.

Having everything in one place also makes it easier to see what you have and don’t have which makes stocking up on baby supplies a lot easier.

You won’t have to worry so much about running out of nappies mid wiping if you have an organised system!

It is also much kinder to your body to invest in a changing table.

Although it’s pretty easy to manoeuvre a newborn, picking up and moving a one year old can be a bit trickier.

Having a changing table at the right height for your body will save you straining your back and struggling with a squirmy baby.

They are also a good idea if you are worried about your baby’s safety.

Changing your bub on a dresser or a sofa is great every now and then…

But don’t forget that babies do like to roll around and there is always the possibility of an accident if your changing surface is not a properly designed for laying an infant on.

Obviously the big problem with changing tables is that you won’t need them forever…

However quality baby items do hold their value so they are really easy to sell on.

Or you could always upcycle and turn your changing table into something new for your little one’s big kid bedroom.

And don’t forget you could always have another one!

How did your changing table help you? Let us know in the comments below…

5 Mistakes To Avoid When Buying Bunk Beds

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bunk beds

Bunk beds are a great idea. They provide a personal place for kids sharing or more space for kids stuck in small rooms.

Picking the right bunk bed for your kids can be tricky. There are so many different options available.

Here are the top 5 mistakes to avoid when buying bunk beds for kids.


#1. Buying cheap


Kids furniture needs to be tough. We all know how rough kids can be and how easily accidents happen. Cheap flat packed furniture is never as sturdy as solid wood furniture.

Is it worth saving dollars on furniture that won’t last long and look scruffy?

Rather than buying a budget bunk bed look for reputable shops that have offers or sales. A great tip for furniture buying is to look for packages. Package deals are a lot cheaper than buying items individually.

#2. Thinking in the present


bunk beds
For older kids think about buying modern styles. (click here to view this bed)

Always think about the future.

Remember that kids outgrow things quickly.

Look for bunk beds you can accessorize and change as kids age rather than ones that appeal to the age they currently are.

Avoid buying furniture linked to popular TV shows or movies, these go out of fashion quickly.

Bunk beds that can be adapted are a great idea. Look for styles that change as kids age and have multiple set up options. Bunk beds that can be separated into two singles are always useful.

#3. Not considering quality


Kids need a good bed for a good nights sleep.

Make sure you get good quality mattresses and bed frames which provide proper support. Sleeping on a bad bed can cause damage to growing kids’ backs.

Think about safety too.

Make sure the upper bunk is capable of holding the right amount of weight and that the frame doesn’t strain. Look for bunk beds with strong and secure ladders that kids can’t slip on.

A good tip is to test the beds yourself. If you’re not happy with the quality, your kids won’t be either.

#4. Not taking the kids to the shop


bunk beds
Grab a family lunch to de-stress after furniture shopping.

Shopping with kids can be a nightmare but you need their input.

Make bed shopping a fun family day out. Take a favourite toy to help ‘test’ the beds or maybe stop for lunch.

Make sure the beds are the right height, ladders are easy to climb and mattresses are the right comfort level. Your kids will be the ones using them, make sure they are happy.

Furniture shops don’t mind you trying before you buy. Let your kids test the beds for comfort. Remember to try out different options and shop around before you buy.

Nobody wants to sleep in an uncomfortable bed!

#5. Not asking the experts


Furniture sales employees are always happy to help and have lots of advice for their customers. Take advantage of their knowledge. They will have helped other parents and will know the best selling styles available.

If your kids have specific needs or you want something different ask in store. Good furniture stores always have lots of options available.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions, even if you think they are stupid.

When buying any furniture for kids always make practical choices. Make sure your kids are comfortable and safe. Always buy furniture from a reputable shop and invest in quality.

And always remember not to stress about kid’s furniture. Kid’s bedrooms are meant to be fun. You don’t have to spend a fortune or worry too much about style.

What mistakes have you made buying furniture? Let us know your experiences in the comments below…

How To Buy Furniture Online

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buy furniture online

Online shopping is always a gamble.

Choosing and purchasing furniture from a computer screen is one of the most tricky transactions you’ll ever have to make.

How will you know if it will fit? If it’s good quality or if it will get to you in one piece?

Luckily online shopping is getting easier and easier and furniture retailers understand the process of furnishing your home from the comfort of your own home.

If you’re looking to buy furniture online…

Research furniture styles

buy furniture online
Bookmark pages of blogs or websites with furniture styles you like.

Spend some time gathering ideas from professional blogs and design sites. The more you research furniture the better prepared you are to make a purchase.

Look for furniture that matches your needs and avoid picking styles based upon what’s currently in fashion. Remember whatever you buy has got to fit your home and grow with your family.

Know what you’re looking for


The key to successful online shopping is to know what you want. It can be overwhelming to browse through thousands of styles online so make a decision on what exactly you are looking for.

The easiest way to narrow down your internet searches for furniture is to pick a type of wood. Pine furniture is probably the most popular modern furniture choice. This is because pine is tough, good quality and easy to style and change. Pine furniture can be stained painted or finished in any style

By narrowing your search down you make it much easier to find a specific retailer who stocks the furniture you are particularity looking for.

Take measurements


buy furniture online
If you’re buying furniture you’ll need to measure it.

This should be the most important thing you do!

You need to make sure your new furniture will fit in your room. Take clear measurements of not only the space you have but also of the room and the existing furniture.

Measuring existing furniture helps you to put the furniture you’re viewing online into perspective.

Find a reputable retailer


The biggest cost for online shopping is shipping. Look for a local company that offers online shopping for reduced transport costs.

A company that offer Australian made furniture is also a good thing to look out for. Australian made furniture is always cheaper and better made for Australian homes.

Don’t forget that if you’re looking online European furniture is always smaller and American furniture always bigger!

Before buying anything online always check out reviews and other websites to see who is offering the best deal and best quality product. Don’t be fooled by flashy websites with bargain prices. There are a lot of sharks waiting to take your money online.

Online shops that have a physical store or outlet with a street address are always a safer options than companies that just pop up in your browser from nowhere.

Look at photographs


buy furniture online
Mood boards are a great way to organise your ideas.

Carefully look at all the furniture photographs available. Make sure there are no aspects that you don’t like or clever angles hiding what could be a fault.

A good idea is to actually print out photographs. You can either pin them up in the room you are planning to place the furniture to see how it fits or create a mood board.

Mood boards are a great way to match your soft furnishings and accessories. Rather than using sites like Pinterest create a physical mood board. It’s much easier to put interior design ideas into perspective when you’re looking at them collected together in one place and you can hold your mood board in your own hands.

Arrange a visit


The benefit of online shopping on a local furniture shop’s website is that you can always pop in and check out what you’re buying before you commit.

If you look online first your shopping trip will be a lot quicker and lot less stressful. Some stores can even let you reserve online before purchasing in store.

Online shopping takes the stress out of hunting for furniture but there is no reason why you can’t check out your final pieces in person if you have the option.

Buying furniture online is a great way to save money and reduce the stress of shopping.

As long as you take your time and think about purchases carefully.

Let us know your experiences of buying furniture online in the comments below…

What To Look For When Buying Pine Furniture

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pine furniture

It’s easy to fall in love with pine furniture…

Whether you’re looking for minimalist style pieces or cosy family furniture, pine is always a good choice.

But picking pine furniture pieces can be difficult. Pine furniture is so popular that you’ll find there are a lot of options to choose from.

Here’s what to look for when buying pine furniture:


#1. Quality


If you buy cheap you buy twice.

When picking furniture it is always important to go for the highest quality available for your budget.

It’s easy to spot quality pine furniture.

Good quality pine furniture will have very few nicks or knots in the wood.

Although a rough finish is part of pine’s charm, you need to ensure there are no holes, large knots or heavily blemished areas.

Also look for furniture that is strong and well supported. Pine may be a classified as a ‘soft wood’ but that’s not an excuse for sloppy carpentry.

Always make sure pine furniture is sturdy and capable of holding the required weight.

A key place to inspect for quality craftsmanship is in drawers or cupboards. Drawers should slide easily and have a solid underside to hold the weight of whatever you’re storing.

Cupboard doors should fit snugly into their jambs allowing a bit of wiggle room in case of warping (like all wood pine may warp and change slightly in extreme heats).

#2. Style


When looking at pine furniture always think about the style and how it will fit in your home.

The best thing about pine furniture is that it is so easy to style and dress to your own tastes.

If you pick the right piece of furniture you could be using it for decades and updating with every move or home improvement.

So look for pine furniture that won’t age or go out of fashion. Avoid anything that is heavily styled or has large carvings or embellishments.

Pine furniture works best when the piece looks clean and simple. Always go for classic styles of furniture.

#3. Stain or finish


The best way to buy pine is in raw or natural finish as it allows you the freedom to change. It’s also the most budget friendly option as natural furniture is always cheaper.

If you want to go for a professional stain or a factory finish make sure it is in a versatile shade and texture that will fit your home décor.

Never buy a piece of pine furniture if the finish looks bad. Non professional staining can be damaging to the wood underneath and may weaken the furniture.

It is also really hard to restyle a piece that was stained or painted badly in the beginning.

Be wary of furniture that doesn’t look like natural wood. Stained pine furniture should always still have a visible grain and a slight glow. Avoid pieces that have a streaky matt finish.

#4. Price


You can’t haggle with quality furniture.

The only way to get a cheap deal on new pine furniture is to do some smart shopping.

Australian made pine furniture will always be a lot cheaper as there is no shipping or transportation costs.

You will also be more likely to get something better suited to the style of your home as Australian furniture is (believe it or not) made for Australian homes.

Local retailers will always offer better quality furniture than big chain stores. This is because independent stores will always put more thought into the furniture they stock. It’s their livelihood! Why would the risk their reputation selling something that’s second rate?

And keep any eye out for furniture shops that have large warehouse storage facilities. These big furniture only superstores are more likely to have deals and offers throughout the year.

Overall the most important thing to look for is something you love. Furniture is an investment, it’s something you’ll see every day and you need to love it.

What do you look for in your pine furniture? Let us know your tips and ideas in the comments below…