How To Buy Furniture Online

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buy furniture online

Online shopping is always a gamble.

Choosing and purchasing furniture from a computer screen is one of the most tricky transactions you’ll ever have to make.

How will you know if it will fit? If it’s good quality or if it will get to you in one piece?

Luckily online shopping is getting easier and easier and furniture retailers understand the process of furnishing your home from the comfort of your own home.

If you’re looking to buy furniture online…

Research furniture styles

buy furniture online
Bookmark pages of blogs or websites with furniture styles you like.

Spend some time gathering ideas from professional blogs and design sites. The more you research furniture the better prepared you are to make a purchase.

Look for furniture that matches your needs and avoid picking styles based upon what’s currently in fashion. Remember whatever you buy has got to fit your home and grow with your family.

Know what you’re looking for


The key to successful online shopping is to know what you want. It can be overwhelming to browse through thousands of styles online so make a decision on what exactly you are looking for.

The easiest way to narrow down your internet searches for furniture is to pick a type of wood. Pine furniture is probably the most popular modern furniture choice. This is because pine is tough, good quality and easy to style and change. Pine furniture can be stained painted or finished in any style

By narrowing your search down you make it much easier to find a specific retailer who stocks the furniture you are particularity looking for.

Take measurements


buy furniture online
If you’re buying furniture you’ll need to measure it.

This should be the most important thing you do!

You need to make sure your new furniture will fit in your room. Take clear measurements of not only the space you have but also of the room and the existing furniture.

Measuring existing furniture helps you to put the furniture you’re viewing online into perspective.

Find a reputable retailer


The biggest cost for online shopping is shipping. Look for a local company that offers online shopping for reduced transport costs.

A company that offer Australian made furniture is also a good thing to look out for. Australian made furniture is always cheaper and better made for Australian homes.

Don’t forget that if you’re looking online European furniture is always smaller and American furniture always bigger!

Before buying anything online always check out reviews and other websites to see who is offering the best deal and best quality product. Don’t be fooled by flashy websites with bargain prices. There are a lot of sharks waiting to take your money online.

Online shops that have a physical store or outlet with a street address are always a safer options than companies that just pop up in your browser from nowhere.

Look at photographs


buy furniture online
Mood boards are a great way to organise your ideas.

Carefully look at all the furniture photographs available. Make sure there are no aspects that you don’t like or clever angles hiding what could be a fault.

A good idea is to actually print out photographs. You can either pin them up in the room you are planning to place the furniture to see how it fits or create a mood board.

Mood boards are a great way to match your soft furnishings and accessories. Rather than using sites like Pinterest create a physical mood board. It’s much easier to put interior design ideas into perspective when you’re looking at them collected together in one place and you can hold your mood board in your own hands.

Arrange a visit


The benefit of online shopping on a local furniture shop’s website is that you can always pop in and check out what you’re buying before you commit.

If you look online first your shopping trip will be a lot quicker and lot less stressful. Some stores can even let you reserve online before purchasing in store.

Online shopping takes the stress out of hunting for furniture but there is no reason why you can’t check out your final pieces in person if you have the option.

Buying furniture online is a great way to save money and reduce the stress of shopping.

As long as you take your time and think about purchases carefully.

Let us know your experiences of buying furniture online in the comments below…

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