How To Choose The Perfect Entertainment Unit For Your Home

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Location and Measurements.

It’s amazing how quickly the size of your own home can be forgotten when in a furniture store.

Measure up the empty space before coming in store.

Many times furniture stores have rooms dedicated to specific areas of home furnishing so our eyes can easily be tricked.

A living room set up, for example, may feel just like your own home when you sit on their couch.

But if you are off even by a few inches you could easily buy furniture that’s too big to fit.

This is quite a common mistake.

Before you choose any furniture for your home always know where it’s going and measure everything you can think of.

Write down the measurements of the wall or walls it will be against, where any windows might be and don’t forget to measure vertically too.

We often don’t think about our ceilings.

How high is your ceiling?

Is it flat or vaulted?

Are there ceiling fans or light fixtures that need to be accounted for?

Try to really think of everything.

Figure out what you need and sketch it out.

Remember that a perfect entertainment unit will most likely be a large piece of furniture in your home.

How big is your TV? Will it fit?

Televisions and other audio and video equipment take up a lot of space these days and sometimes there may be a lot of wires to be hidden.

Measurements of the equipment going into your entertainment unit are as important as the measurements of your walls, but also need to be thought of a little differently.

Sketching things out can be very helpful at this stage of your planning.

If you think you may be upgrading the size of your TV in a couple years try your best to account for that now.

A fairly simple sketch of what you have in mind and what is needed for your equipment is crucial.

Leave yourself extra space for growth.

Your walls won’t grow but your equipment will.

How big is your TV now, or maybe soon?

How many shelves do you need now, or may need soon for audio and video?

Do you want some extra shelves or spaces for simply decorative items?

Take pictures of the room and the other furniture.

Taking pictures with you to the store can be incredibly helpful.

Take photos of the spaces you’re shopping for.

This will help you match the correct colors of wood or other furniture you may have and also keep things in perspective when shopping through perfectly set up model floor rooms.

Don’t rush things.

Shop around and have fun.

Location and Measurements are quite a common mistake.

Figure out what you need and sketch it out.

Take pictures of the room and the other furniture.

When everything has been measured, thought through and planned out as best as possible for future upgrades and changes you can go have some fun shopping.

Shop around.

Keep in mind that this is a big and somewhat permanent piece of furniture for your home.

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