Make Your Home The Envy Of All Your Friends With These 3 Interior Design Hacks.

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Interior décor is a pivotal aspect of any home design that can make or break the comfort and functionality of one’s home. While many people may think that a fancy design to spice up a home’s ambiance or set a given mood is something best left to the experts, the reality is that just a few simple tips and a basic understanding of interior design can really accomplish some wonderful style for very little cost or effort. Here are a few tips that can get the ball rolling in creating a home environment that will impress your guests and provide a real sense of home in the place that you live.

1) Clever use of mirrors:

Mirrors add light to a dark room.

Mirrors have a way of tricking the eye into feeling as though a given space is a lot bigger than it actually is. While too many mirrors can backfire and create more of a “fun house” effect or a few bumps on the head, a clever and skillful use can bring a room to life. Mirrors are perfect for a dark corner which could use better lighting, as a mirror reflects light, thus helping to extend the reach of a room’s lighting without having to buy or install additional lights. Mirrors can also be used to extend the depth of a small or narrow hallway.

2) Thrift stores and yard sales:

New homes, particularly one that is freshly built and occupied recently by its first owners can sometimes feel sterile and lack character. This can easily be remedied by adding character through the choice of furniture and decorations. To avoid a house feeling too much like a modern art exhibit or office building, older furniture or decorations with some wear and tear can add a feel and a flavor of home to an otherwise bland environment. Older furniture or decorations can be found easily for very little money at thrift stores or yard sales. If you’re a new homeowner and don’t already have your own unique furniture or family heirlooms, this can be a great way to acquire decorations which have already been worn in for you. Home should feel like home; not a hospital. Therefore, placing just a few used items in an otherwise crisp, clean environment can paint the feeling that your home is a place where you can relax and be comfortable.

3) Accent colors:

Feature wall
A great example of a feature wall.

When decorating a home, a consistent color scheme is most often desirable. This can be a scheme that is unique to each room of the house, or can even be a scheme that Is consistent

throughout. The scheme that one selects is entirely a matter of personal tastes, but once the colors have been selected, some skillful placement of where these colors appear in relation to others can mean the difference between a room feeling spacious and pleasing or cluttered and busy. One technique often used by professional décor consultants is to paint one wall the accent color of choice while leaving the other three walls white. This can be useful in leading the eye to a tastefully selected piece of art which is mounted on the wall, or a decoration that is placed strategically within the room. As long as your colors blend well and are pleasing to the eye, this technique can offer a very modern look, or make one feel as though a professional designer has had their part in the designs creation.

Home décor can be a deep art that is practiced and studied to mastery, but most people are perfectly happy doing the design themselves. I hope that these tips are helpful in at least getting you started in decorating a beautiful home for yourself, or perhaps offer some understanding of how a house can become a home.

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