Why Pine Furniture Is Great For Kids

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furniture for kids

Finding furniture for kids can be hard.

You need to find a balance between what you think is stylish and functional and what your kids will be less likely to draw on.

Pine furniture for kids rooms is always a great idea as it suits both parents budgets and kids needs.

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Here’s out top 5 reasons why pine furniture is great for kids!


furniture for kids
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#1. It’s affordable


Nobody wants to spend a fortune on kid’s furniture but it is important that you buy good quality.

Cheaply made furniture is more likely to break or get damaged which can cause accidents with kids running around.

Pine furniture is a great budget option if you still want good quality furniture.

It’s much cheaper than other solid woods but much better quality than standard particle board furniture.

#2. It’s tough


Although pine is technically a soft wood it’s still pretty tough and can cope with boisterous kids.

It’s also really easy to clean if kids spill anything or get messy…

To clean pine you only need to use warm soapy water.

The added bonus of pine furniture is that scuff and scrapes are easy to hide due to the fact pine still has a natural look.

Any kids scratches will just blend in with the grains and knots in the woods surface.

#3. It’s versatile


furniture for kids
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Pine is very easy to paint, stain or varnish if you want to change the look of your furniture.

A good idea for kids bedrooms is to paint or change the furniture as they grow rather than decorating the whole room.


If you chose a shabby chic style of painting you can also get away with not refreshing the paint as often as the faded look is part of the style.

#4. It’s kid friendly


Pine furniture is usually made in simple and easy to use designs. The drawers are easy to pull and doors are not too heavy for smaller hands to open.

Obviously, you need to be very cautious about younger kids being able to open cupboards and drawers but for older kids it’s important that can actually use their own furniture and that they are comfortable with it!

When shopping for kids furniture always let kids have a say and make sure older kids can actually open drawers and cupboards themselves without any help.

Having that sense of independence and knowing that the furniture is theirs will make them much more likely to look after it.

It might also make it easier to convince them to tidy their rooms once in a while…

#5. It’s easy to replace

furniture for kids
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The biggest problem with buying furniture for any room is making sure that it matches with your existing pieces.

Pine is easy to blend in as the classic style of pine furniture rarely changes.

It’s also incredibly easy to mend or up cycle if you need to.

And should you need to replace any fixtures or fittings most pine furniture it’s easy, just visit any good furniture store!

Obviously, as a parent your biggest concern will always be your kids’ safety and their happiness.

Which is why it’s a good idea to buy quality furniture from a reputable retailer and to let your kids have a say in the decisions you are making.

We always advise bringing kids to the store to have a look with you, turn buying furniture into a fun day out and get your kids interested in your home!

Do you have any tips for buying furniture for kids? Let us know in the comments below…

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